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Mountaineers Commit Da'Quan Davis Confident in WVU Decision

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

It's still early in the recruiting process. There's still plenty of time before the first Wednesday of February for high school athletes to pour over all their options before settling on a final decision and signing on the dotted line.

But for Da'Quan Davis, there was no need for waiting. West Virginia received a verbal commitment from the 5-10, 172-pound cornerback over the weekend while he was on campus for the team's 7-on-7 camp. He didn't know he would be committing when he got to Morgantown, but he says a conversation with Coach David Lockwood pushed him to jump.

"Coach Lockwood stuck me with a question," says Davis. "He said, ‘What else are you waiting for?' And I just sat there and I thought and I was puzzled. I couldn't really think of what else I was waiting for. He was like, ‘Is it another school? Is it something else you want to see, something else you want to hear?'"

His inability to provide a proper answer to Lockwood's simple question made it clear the Davis that there was nothing else to wait for. West Virginia had shown him the interest he was hoping for from a college program since the first day he came to the state. In his mind, siding with the Mountaineers just made sense after all the time they had invested in him.

"They offered me on the spot and I just felt a lot of love, it was genuine love, they didn't go off the tangibles like height, weight, forty time, stuff like that – they just saw my film, saw me in person and they fell in love with me as a person and as a player," he says.

Davis was in town with Next Level Nation, a local football and mentoring group in the Baltimore area, taking on some of the region's high school talent. He gave his verbal before the camp ended, so for a portion of his games on Mountaineer Field, he was playing in the arena that he intends to star on beginning in 2012.

And starring is precisely what Davis' expectation is.

There are plenty of athletes who appreciate when a coach is straight-forward with them and do not try to give false hope about starting as a freshman, but it appears that Davis did not have to experience that when speaking with Lockwood.

"They were saying they have a lot of plans for me," says Davis. "Coach Lockwood, when I was down there for the camp this weekend, said that I'm definitely going to play as a freshman and I have a chance to push for the starting spot as a freshman because I'm so far developed already in high school that he doesn't really have to coach me up that much."

That wasn't always the case, though. Davis admits that when he first came to Calvert Hall, he was full of raw ability, but had no idea how to utilize his talent. In his sophomore year, a new defensive backs coach came to his school and turned him into the player he is today.

"Coach Cory Robinson has taught me everything I know," says Davis. ". I wasn't the most athletic guy in the world, but I had a work ethic that was second to none. I outwork anybody any day of the week and he just took that and ran with it. It was from waking up at 6:30 in the morning to go work out and not getting home until 12 o'clock at night sometimes. I just put in the hard work and the man-hours and eventually I started to come into my own."

If that attitude carries over to his career at West Virginia, he just may get a shot at early playing time after all.

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