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WVU AD Oliver Luck Says SEC Has Not Contacted Him

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Late Tuesday night reports surfaced indicating the SEC officially invited Texas A&M to join its conference. Those reports also indicated SEC Presidents gave Commissioner Mike Slive permission to begin negotiating with WVU and Missouri to possibly become its 14th member.

When asked Wednesday afternoon if the SEC had made any contact with him, WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck replied "I have not. There is a lot going on with rumors. We are very happy with the Big East and our position. Not many folks would have thought we are one of the more stable conferences, but now it looks like the Big XII is one of the more unstable conferences. All I can say is we are monitoring this. We are keeping track of what is happening and I think we will land, wherever, on our feet pretty well."

Should any call come and it include any kind of invitation, there is a process that would have to be followed.

"My boss is the University President and he in turn reports to the Board of Governors. Clearly all of those folks would be involved. Because we are the state's flagship school, we would want to make sure our folks in Charleston would feel comfortable if we were to get to that point. That's a big hypothetical, and nobody is considering doing that, but those are the folks that would be in the decision-making circle."

While no call has come from the SEC, at least not yet, Luck is constantly making and receiving calls from the Big East office.

"I talk to the Big East Commissioner on a daily basis, as do many of the football AD's in the conference," Luck said. "I was on the phone today with my counterpart up at Pitt and at TCU and the day before with Tom Jurich over at Louisville, so there is a lot of communication. We've got a great bond in the Big East and I believe our football AD's, as do we, believe our next television contract will be a very good deal for us and bump us up money-wise from where we are now to where we can be. There is a lot of confidence among the football AD's that we are in pretty good shape. There is also a lot of confidence that our football conference is getting better."

The Big East currently has nine football members. TCU will begin play in the conference next football season. So, without much to discuss regarding a potential move out of the conference, Luck did elaborate on the Big East's expansion position.

"I think at this point, there is so much going on," Luck stated. "Commissioner Marinatto is sitting back and saying let's monitor everything. We are not going to extend any invitations at this point. I think most folks believe that if we can add a quality member that we should. I don't think anything is imminent outside of all this flurry of activity. There is a lot of smoke as well in all of this stuff, as you can imagine, that it is sometimes hard for me to distinguish what is truth and what is fiction."

Right now, the SEC has voted to accept Texas A&M into its conference. The SEC appears to want its membership to remain at an even number, which means another school must be accepted into its conference. Will that be West Virginia, Missouri or a different school? Perhaps. Baylor is the one school preventing the Texas A&M domino from falling, which in turn would set a number of events in motion.

Until Baylor's decision to potentially seek legal action against Texas A&M or the SEC is withdrawn, nothing will change. In the meantime, there are a lot of fans around the country and especially here in Morgantown paying close attention to these events.



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