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WVU Cornerback Miller's Mom is Biggest Fan


As the second quarter drew to a close Sunday, there was a shrill cry from the stands behind me. Not sure the source of it, I spun around to take a look and there was a woman decked out in Mountaineers gear screaming her head off and pointing to the field.

She was shouting about the play that had just happened and was apparently beside herself with excitement that her son had been involved. I watched the replay on the video board and Darwin Cook and Pat Miller had combined for the tackle.

That narrows it down. Now which one is she doing flips for?

The very next play, Miller tackled Marshall receiver Aaron Dobson in the flats and again an eruption of proud shouts from behind me. Yeah, that's got to be Pat's mom.

"That's my boy!" Jean Miller exclaimed to anyone within shouting distance (which, at this volume, was probably half the stadium).

A few surrounding her held up their hands to offer high fives and congratulations and she very graciously greeted each one with an emphatic hand of her own. When – just a few plays later – Miller had another tackle, it seemed almost as though he could hear her and was doing his best to please her.

"She's been like that since I started football," Miller said with a smile. "Ever since my little league days, she's been the loudest at the game. Everybody knows her from that, so I'm not surprised that anybody heard her."

Clearly, as the stadiums he's played in have grown, there's less of a chance that he actually hears those cries from the stands. He's got enough to focus on with finding out the next call and enough to fill his ears with 60,000 fans surrounding his mom.

But he knows she's out there, and he's not ashamed or embarrassed by the way she expresses her love for him on game days.

"That's her. I'm her son," says Miller. "She loves the game like I love it. I'm proud of her like she's proud of me."

On Saturday, I'll keep an ear out for more shouts of, "That's my boy!" Not that I'll have to strain to hear it. If Miller makes a play, I'm sure the mic levels on my camera will spike as his mother acknowledges it.  

And when that happens, Miller will know he's done his job well.

"That's my big goal," he says. "I do it for my mom a lot, so hopefully I can take this and make a better life for my people. That's a big part of why I play this game."

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