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Offseason Officially Over, Football Returns to Morgantown


Remember football games? You know, those things that happened all last year up through the Champs Sports Bowl before WVU's head coach resigned and its offensive coordinator took his place, causing most Mountaineers to do a quick face-palm of shame through the offseason?

Well, those things are back. It's Sunday, which can only mean one thing – WVU football in Morgantown.

That's probably not what it really means to anyone outside the Mountain State, but at this point, it's all that matters within it. From Wheeling to Beckley and every city and holler between, it's a day for God and the gridiron.

There truly is a feeling that comes with game day in Morgantown and the first one always seems to be the best. It wakes you up from your months-long slumber of watching the same baseball catches on Sportscenter and whatever other boring highlights you can find of sports that don't compare to football.

On Thursday, that began to change. College pigskin was back and the nation began to indulge. There were spectacular plays, nail-biter finishes and a wonderful opportunity for everyone to giggle at Notre Dame's expense.

But WVU fans still had an itch, and now it finally gets scratched.

Will the Mountaineers live up to the hype they've set for themselves? Let's be honest here – no one is more confident in these players and coaches than these players and coaches. For months now, we've heard them ensure us that progress was being made and results would show in the fall.

It isn't technically fall, but the chance to prove themselves right comes at 3:30 p.m.

So wake up. Cook yourself a breakfast sandwich, wash it down with whatever you'd like and make your way to the blue lot – if you aren't already there. It's Mountaineer football. Without it, the website you're currently visiting wouldn't exist. Without it, your life would be just a tad bit less enjoyable.

You've been without it for eight months. It's time to welcome it back.

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