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WVU Expects Electric Game Day Atmosphere in Morgantown


This Saturday you'll have an atmosphere in Morgantown derived from putting tens of thousands of fans in a situation they've waited a long time to experience start to finish.

It will start early. That in itself is nothing new for WVU fans, who showed up the Maryland faithful a bit last week by flocking to the lots earlier than many of the home fans, set up camp and look around as if to ask, "Where is everyone?"

An early start to a night game is quite a different monster than an early start to a noon contest, but this first evening atmosphere will be the culmination of a day full of activities for Mountaineers in Morgantown.

WVU fans have asked, begged and demanded ESPN's College GameDay program to make its way to their neck of the woods for years. Quite often there's a check of the schedule prior to a season and the question of "If not our game, then which?" And every time the question is posed, it's answered in a way they were hoping against.

With No. 2 LSU visiting, there was no question. There is no place more deserving, no game more intriguing than what Morgantown was offering. ESPN waited to make sure WVU held off a comeback attempt from Maryland and then said what the heck, why not?

So suddenly, as much as the university was looking forward to the primetime national television exposure its football team would get and the chance to throw in some advertisements for the institution as a whole, there's an entirely new dimension to the limelight.

Now not only will sights of Morgantown fill the screens in bars and at home after dinner, but they'll also get a spot over breakfast and into lunch.

"The amount of eyes looking at our facilities and our stadium and the city of Morgantown and the state of West Virginia will be a positive thing," says head coach Dana Holgorsen. "The amount of eyes looking at our program, not only the football team, but the athletic program, the city, and the rest of it, is good and I'm fired up about it. I'm glad it's here and all that stuff is positive."

Perhaps you'd rather see Woodburn or the stadium in the background than frat houses and a dorm, but there's plenty of room for West Virginia's finest fan representation to pack the shots and show why GameDay should have made its maiden voyage years ago.

And while all this commotion happens on their campus, the WVU football team will be together, focused on causing commotion of its own.

"I know it's going to be an electric environment. They'll be pumped up," running backs coach Robert Gillespie says of the fans. "This is more so for them. The fact that GameDay wants to come here is a testament to how the fans are."

For Gillespie and each one of the new offensive staff members, this will be the first time seeing what the fan base is like when the sun goes down and the lights come on at Mountaineer Field. But for Geno Smith and the players who have been here in years past, they already understand it and are anxious to see it again Saturday night.

"I'm very excited. In Morgantown, it gets electric at night and especially when it's supposed to be a big game, so I expect the fans to come out and just be going crazy," says Smith. "I really think our team feeds off that, we're going to need that and I just look forward to Saturday night."

The Mountaineers staff and players have a job to do, and it has nothing to do with representing well while College GameDay is on campus or getting ready with tailgating or screaming their heads off during a game.

That's your job as the fan. Do that, and they'll do the best they can to beat the No. 2 team in the nation while the nation itself watches.

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