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From the Cheap Seats: Couch-Burners Should Keep it to Themselves

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Last week I promised that by this week I'd have an opinion to share on the Mountaineers.  But before the Maryland game even kicked off, a lot of fans suddenly stopped being very interested in opinions on the team itself and became consumed with our conference future.  In a lot of ways, the situation quickly became similar to the coaching changes of the past few years and the frenzies that led up to them.  Text messages and phone calls began flying between fans, wondering who's heard what and how everyone's holding up through this difficult time, as if an elderly relative's on life support.  Of course, the message boards lit up with every Tom, Dick and Harry's theory.

Since all of this realignment discussion started last Saturday, I've learned a few things, courtesy of satellite radio.  I spent four hours in the car driving to and from a meeting this week and I listened to sports talk shows the whole way.  I don't typically listen to much talk radio.  The main reason is that I don't spend much time in the car and when I do, I'm usually accompanied by my wife.  I'm pretty sure four hours of talk radio would drive her to stab me, but back to what I learned.  I found out that there are Mountaineer fans all over the country.  I also found out that many of them must either independently wealthy or are jobless and have time to call talk shows all day. 

I also quickly learned that WVU fans are annoying.  We can't imagine why every college football fan and talk show host in the country isn't losing sleep over our conference future.  Sure conference realignment is the big topic in the sports world right now, and WVU is a part of that topic, but there are a number of other teams with large fan bases, that are also in flux.  Be that as it may, literally every other caller to these national shows wanted to know what was going to happen to their beloved Mountaineers.  The whole reason I was listening was to hear what was going on with WVU, from a national perspective, but if I found it annoying, I can't imagine how the show hosts felt.            

Despite the sheer volume of Mountaineer callers, the sentiments about us from the hosts and non-WVU callers, seemed pretty positive.  There are a lot of fans of other teams who loosely root for us to do well.  A lot of SEC fans liked the idea of bringing us into their conference, much more so than Missouri, which was the hot rumor of the day.  It seemed like whether it was other fans or the radio experts, as long as the discussion was limited to our competitiveness on the field, or the court, or the general passion surrounding WVU sports, we are thought of pretty highly. 

But then come those few so-called fans who give us a bad name.  They're the guys who call these national shows and brag about burning couches, even though it's pretty obvious that they've never seen furniture on fire, let alone put a lighter to a love seat.  The problem is that now these show hosts, and everyone not from West Virginia listening, think we all show up at the stadium with sofas in the back of pick-ups, when in reality, a few students, many of whom are not from West Virginia, on rare occasions, burn couches that are no longer fit for even grungy college students to sit on.  They do it in grungy college student neighborhoods.            

It's one thing to embrace the couch-burning, we-get-drunker-than-you image, but it's another to broadcast it nationally.  Next time, do us all a favor and resist the urge to call the radio shows.

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