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Mike Dorsey, WVU Cut Up in Team Barbershop


The campus of West Virginia University recently opened a new barbershop and it has quickly become the premier establishment for cuts among the Mountaineers football team.

That's because members of the team are the only people who are allowed to use it.

Inside the Milan Puskar Center, down below the team meeting rooms and next to the locker room, the players lounge offers plenty for the student-athletes to do during the long days at the stadium.

There's the usual pool and ping pong tables and wall-mounted flat screen televisions for video games and some of the more comfortable couches to kick back on for a movie or a midday nap.

Then, tucked away in the corner, the carpet yields to a square of tiled flooring upon which sits a single barber's chair. The walls around it are covered in mirrors to get every conceivable angle of the customer's head in view and a small countertop lines the establishment for the barber's tools.

But what's a barbershop without a barber? The Mountaineers can't hire an outsider to make the cuts at the risk of their players coming under eligibility fire with the compliance office. So instead, they decided to hire from within.

Mike Dorsey, a sophomore safety for the WVU football team, is known as the guy to see if anyone needs a cut or a quick shapeup.

"I've been cutting hair since my eighth grade year," says Dorsey. "I first started cutting my own hair, then my brother's hair, then I came to high school and I was like I could make a profession out of this if I don't go anywhere in football because everybody is always going to need a haircut."

True, generally everybody does need a haircut at some point, but you don't always hear too many football players who use that truth to come up with a career.

It's clear in watching Dorsey unpack his bag and pull out clippers, a green cape and whatever else he need for a quality cut that he truly enjoys it. From the time he greets his client until the job is finished, the smile only leaves his face in times of extreme concentration.

Dorsey may have gotten his start on his own hair and then his family's, but he knew if he was going to get more people to trust his skills, he'd have to make himself official. So before he ever made it to college, he became a licensed barber.

"You've got to go to a couple of classes and they teach you how to do it, but I kind of knew how to do it already because I was cutting my hair for so long before I finally went to barber school," he says. "Once you go to a couple classes, you'll be alright and then you get your license and you graduate, just like school."

So when Coach Dana Holgorsen decided to put a mini barbershop in the players lounge, Dorsey knew it could be his new spot. If any of his teammates wanted a cut, he'd be the man to see.

"I was happy," says Dorsey. "It was a cool feeling to have, a barber chair in the locker room. Whenever they ask me, whenever somebody needs a cut, I'll cut somebody's hair."

Dorsey has a simple reason why someone would come to him during the football season looking for a cut.

"To get fresh before the game," he says. "Everybody wants to be fresh. Look good to play good."

The Warren, Ohio native cut hair before picture day, before games and even during the bye week just in case some of his teammates' hair got out of control without a game on the horizon. He's always done the majority of his work from his own home around campus, but now he has a more centralized location to give a cut.

Whether football works out as a career initially or not, Dorsey will always have a career to fall back on. And if he does open up his own barbershop someday, what would he call it?

"If I could name my barbershop, I'd called it ‘Cuttin' Up,' because people act crazy in here and I be cutting people's hair," says Dorsey.

It isn't exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a college football program's players lounge, but for Dorsey, a WVU barbershop is the perfect addition.

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