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From the Cheap Seats: A Scheduling Wish List

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It's a bye week, which means in between rooting for other Big East teams to lose so that we can climb back up the conference rankings, we can look to the future a little bit. With the move to the Big 12 coming at some point, it will bring a lot of changes in scheduling.

Nine conference games every season leaves us with two less out-of-conference games than we're used to and unless something changes, most of those spots are already spoken for. Next season we have Marshall, Florida State, James Madison and Maryland on the schedule. Assuming we're in the Big 12 by next year, one of those games has to go. In 2013, William & Mary, Florida State, Maryland and East Carolina are signed up. The 2014 season will bring Towson, Michigan State, Maryland and ECU. In 2015 it's Liberty, Michigan State, Maryland and ECU. All of those seasons, we'll have to get rid of a game. For 2016 BYU, Maryland, ECU are already lined up.

A quick glance at some of this year's Big 12 schedules shows most teams play one cupcake warm-up game, one decent team and one big name opponent. Even with getting rid of one of the already scheduled games in those four seasons, it looks like our schedules will fit that mold.

Again, because it's a bye week, let's step back from reality for just a few minutes and take our own stab at scheduling. Let's think back to the days before conferences ruled everything. Who would you like to see on the Mountaineers' schedule year in and year out? Here's my list, and you'll notice very quickly that there's a theme:

Pitt- Where else would you start? There's not a whole lot of explaining to do on this one.

Penn State- Who wouldn't want to see that rivalry renewed?

Virginia Tech- When there's a trophy dating back 100 years, that you've competed against a team for, they should be on your schedule.

Syracuse- Continuing along the same lines, we want the Schwartzwalder Trophy back. There are a lot of memorable games from this series.

Maryland- It's been a great rivalry, originally kicking off in 1919. I've been to 13 editions here and in College Park and would love to see it continue.

Ohio State or Cincinnati- A large portion of our state borders Ohio. We have a lot of fans there and many West Virginians have friends and family that are OSU or Cincinnati fans.

Virginia- It's another border rival and we still owe them from that Continental Tire Bowl back in 2002.

Kentucky or Louisville- Why not a Hatfield and McCoy Bowl?

Marshall or Rutgers- We certainly don't need to play them year in and year out, but I'm fine with scheduling the not-so Thundering Herd every few years, just to remind them who them who the bigger, better brother is. With Rutgers, you throw a bone to the tens of thousands of New Jerseyeans who bring their tuition money to Morgantown and you have the chance to continue a long winning streak.

Florida State, Florida, Miami or South Florida- Who doesn't like going to Florida in the colder months? Plus, we have a history of one kind or another with all four teams.

Throw in a random big name team from BCS conference, like we've traditionally done, and one regional scrub team, and you've got a schedule to get excited about year in and year out.

Again, I realize that this is from the land of make believe, but put on your athletic director hat for a few minutes and share with the group who you'd like to see us play.

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