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Flipper the Dolphin Picks WVU Over Clemson in Orange Bowl


Dana Holgorsen can stop worrying about how he and his staff intend to use the month leading up to an Orange Bowl matchup with Clemson. He can rest assured in the days and weeks ahead that whatever his preparation, the Mountaineers are in fine shape.

That's because on Monday, a dolphin named Flipper predicted that the WVU football team would beat the Tigers.

Reread that last sentence all you want, but it will not change.

Monday evening, the Orange Bowl sent out a press release complete with photo and video evidence that a dolphin from the Seaquarium in Miami had selected West Virginia as the winner of the Jan. 4 BCS bowl game.

Apparently Flipper was assigned this same task a year ago and chose Stanford to beat Virginia Tech, sealing the Hokies' fate as the Orange Bowl loser. The Cardinal came away with a 40-12 victory over the ACC Champions, though the exact number of points that can be attributed to the dolphin is unknown.

So this year the Orange Bowl Committee figured, what the heck, why not do this again?

Flipper was in his pool, minding his own business, when two balls were placed in the water. One had the WVU logo on it and the other represented Clemson. Flipper was asked to "boot" one of the balls out of the pool, which as everyone knows is the way dolphins generally choose game winners.

Flipper booted that yellow WVU ball out of the water, leaving Clemson behind and thereby dashing any hopes the Tigers had at winning the Discover Orange Bowl.

Las Vegas is surely taking notes.

ESPN cannot be too thrilled by the release of the prophet dolphin's choice. Fans who were otherwise excited to watch what could be a thrilling offensive output may now be better served to check out a well-produced highlight reel rather than tune into what will now be a game without drama as the end result is known a month in advance.

If you're debating whether or not to plan a vacation around the game, well, Miami is still a terrific destination to flee to in the dead of winter. Don't let Flipper ruin your holiday just because you already know the outcome of a football game.

Or, if you're feeling a little unconvinced at the predicting ability of a mammal that lives its life under the sea and likely missed the majority of the 2011 football season, then proceed with your plans as though this information was never made public.

After all, even a human could have predicted Stanford would have blown out Virginia Tech last season. Doesn't take a kicking dolphin to figure that one out.

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