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Najee Goode Takes Over Media Day


Members of West Virginia's defense and Clemson's offense met with the media Saturday to discuss the upcoming Orange Bowl matchup.

It's one of those situations where the reporters gather on the floor below a stage that's been set up for each player and those players answer questions for a good half hour.

For the most part, the players probably see their group of reporters thin out and hope there are no stragglers to make the process last any longer than it has to, but WVU linebacker Najee Goode decided that when he was done answering questions, he'd start asking them instead.

Goode took our microphone and conducted brief interviews with the other senior defenders on hand: Keith Tandy, Bruce Irvin, Julian Miller and Eain Smith.

The questions have little (nothing?) to do with football or the Orange Bowl or even with Miami, but he asked them all the same, and got to see what it's like for those of us behind the cameras and audio recorders rather than facing them.

The Orange Bowl will be Goode's final college football game, so he's exploring his options for careers once his playing days are over, whenever that may be.

Take a look at Goode's attempt at becoming a reporter in this fun video that will be featured in our Orange Bowl special, which airs statewide in West Virginia on Tuesday night.

Stay tuned for Keith Tandy's reporting debut on Monday, when we look back at WVU's day on the beach hosted by the Mountaineer cornerback.

Until then, tell us... How do you think Najee did?

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