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WVU Issues Injury Update for Football Team


WVU Football Athletic Trainer Dave Kerns issued an injury update for the Mountaineers Wednesday through the University's sports information department.

Below is the full report from Kerns regarding various players' status.

Connor Arlia (R fibula/internal injuries) Injuries occurred 12-31-11, he spent several days in the hospital.  He still has a healing fibula fracture and will have a scan to detect level of healing to internal injuries 1-19-12.  He has a no lift/no run status at this time.  Status to be determined by 1-19 test and re-x-ray of fibula 1-25-12.

Terrell Chestnut (L Shoulder) – in August camp had a reoccurrence of a high school injury of a dislocating shoulder.  He required surgery 8/31/11.  He is now obviously 5 months since surgery and healing and progress-to-return is generally is about 6 months back to full activity.  He continues therapy and has progressed to some modified lifting in the weight room.  He should be cleared for spring ball.

Terence Garvin (L Knee) injury date of USF Game (12-1-11, surgery date of 12-11-11).  Repair of cartilage tear.  He comes out of brace and off crutches Jan 20, 6 week mark from surgery.  He is doing well and on-target for what needs to be done.  He has limitations in the weight room to no-LEFT LEG, no run for some time yet; no Spring Ball.  He should be cleared in the beginning of June 2012 for all activities

Dustin Garrison (L Knee) – ACL/MCL injury on 12-30-11, required surgery 1-13-12.  ACL reconstruction performed, MCL will heal on own with no limitations.  Surgery did go well.  He is early in rehab but doing well.  We will expect a full recovery – too early for any more comment.

Josh Jenkins (L Knee) – It was NOT an ACL injury but rather a patellar dislocation injury. Cleared and participating fully with all team activities.

Donovan Miles (L Hand) fractured 4th metacarpal (hand bone – nearest ring finger), required surgery on 1-8-12.  He played the 2nd half of Orange Bowl game with broken hand.  He is presently in a splint and limitations of no LEFT hand lifting.  He will be progressed over the next few weeks.  He should be able to participate in spring ball with protective splint.

Doug Rigg (L Wrist)  Injured wrist in LSU Game 9-24-11, had surgery 9-29-11, then returned to action 10-21-11, Syracuse and played the rest of the season in a cast.  He just had a Dr appt to clear for all activity – with gradual progression – with use of wrist/hand.  No restrictions.

Jewone Snow (shoulders)  Had surgery 1-6-12 for cartilage tear in LEFT shoulder.  He will be scheduled for the same for RIGHT shoulder end of February.  He will miss spring FB.  We will expect a full recovery – too early for any more comment.


Josh Taylor (R Knee) ACL injury in Rutgers game 10-29-11.  Being a senior, desired to attempt rehab and come back and play and have surgery after the season.  Attempted first-game-back – Pitt, 11-25-11.  He had problems and new season was over.  Surgery 1-13-12.  Surgery did go well.  He is early in rehab but doing well.  We will expect a full recovery – too early for any more comment.

Brad Starks (L Knee) ACL injury in Louisville Game 11-5-11, required surgery 11-18-11.  Being a senior wanted to attempt to play, but knee was too unstable to medically allow.  Surgery to reconstruct went well.  He is doing ok, he maybe a little behind the timing of rehab due to Christmas Break/Bowl Game-and Break/return to campus in January.  We expect a good outcome at the end of rehab.

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