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Oliver Luck Sheds Light on Big 12 Schedule, FSU


If you're trying to plan your fall schedule around the West Virginia football schedule, Oliver Luck wants you to know the University is working as quickly as it can to iron out the details.

Still, there are a number of questions remaining that he was unable to definitively respond to on Sunday's edition of The State Journal's Decision Makers.

"There are so many varieties of scheduling, not just because of us but because of Missouri leaving and Texas A&M leaving [the Big 12] that I'd be negligent if I shared any schedules because we've got multiple different schedules," said Luck.

One of the top priorities for Luck and the Mountaineers is to complete the non-conference schedule, which would require dropping one of the opponents that are currently set to meet WVU in 2012.

"We have a preference of what we'd like to do and it's no secret that of the scheduled non-conference games we have right now that more than likely we'll ask Florida State to drop us and for us to drop them so [there is] mutual agreement," says Luck. "That's an away game [in 2012], we'd like to have as many home games as we possibly can, not just for the team's benefit, but for the fans and the area merchants."

West Virginia and Florida State had a home-and-home scheduled that would have brought the Seminoles to Morgantown in 2013, but the plan is to drop the two-year deal altogether.

That would leave WVU with James Madison (at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C.), Maryland (at home) and Marshall (at home) as the remaining non-conference opponents for the coming season.

Luck made it clear that JMU represents a "big pay day" for the athletic department, so keeping that game on the schedule would be beneficial. He's also keen on the idea of maintaining the rivalry with the Terrapins as is currently planned.

"I'd like to [play Maryland] as long as we can," says Luck. "Just before I came to Morgantown a year and a half ago to take the Athletic Director position, we extended that series I think for eight years. It's a good game. I know Mountaineer fans love traveling down there; D.C.'s a fun place to visit for a day. We get good support in return from the Terrapin fans." 

Mentioning Pittsburgh in the same breath as other non-conference teams isn't something Luck is quite accustomed to just yet, but that is what awaits the Mountaineers as they head into the Big 12.

He recognizes the importance of the Backyard Brawl and the excitement it brings both WVU and Pitt fans alike, but at this point, it appears that the annual meeting will be on hold.

"That seems to be the case. It's a game that I'd like to try to continue down the road and I think it makes sense," he says. "We've played 104 times … It looks as though it's almost assured it will be a gap of a year or two or maybe even three before we can get them back on the schedule."

Luck points out that the Mountaineers need to be careful with future scheduling not to pile up more than they're prepared to handle. With a difficult Big 12 slate, he says West Virginia must be smart competitively when it comes to the teams they face outside the conference.

As for the teams that will now become league rivals, Luck was able to shed a bit of light on how the schedule will work out without diving into the details.

"The good news is that the Big 12 has assured us that we'll have either Texas at home or Oklahoma at home every year. Those powerhouses are sort of traditionally top 10," he says.

Luck has also been told that WVU would welcome two Texas schools to Morgantown every year with the other two being away games.

Clearly the big hold up at this time is West Virginia's legal battle with the Big East, but once that is all settled, the schedule should begin to take shape.

Then all the fans can figure out when they're going on vacation or getting married or whatever other life-altering events come second to Mountaineer football.

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