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WVU Recruit Wiggins Checks out Campus


Bob Huggins has his 2012 recruiting class filled. On that list you will see Huntington Prep's Elijah Macon. One of Macon's high school teammates, Andrew Wiggins, is considering a career at WVU in the class of 2014.

Obviously it is still very early in the college process for Wiggins. He is watching how Elijah Macon finishes up his high school career and begins to transition to college basketball at WVU.

"It's a good fit for him," Wiggins said. "I don't know if it would be a good fit for me yet."

Yet is the operative word in that sentence. Wiggins is still going through the process, which included a visit to the WVU campus while Huntington Prep was in Morgantown to participate in a tournament. He also got to attend West Virginia's 77-74 overtime win against Cincinnati.

"I went to the game and it was a great game," Wiggins said. "They played hard and they have a lot of talent."

Wiggins was also given a tour of the new $24 million practice facility.

"The facility was one of the best facilities I have seen," Wiggins said with a smile. "They put a lot of work into it."

The practice facility certainly left an impression on him. It all started with his first few steps inside the building and his walk through the Hall of Champions.

"It was amazing," Wiggins said. "There is stuff like history like the old shot clock, old people's jerseys. I seen the coaches offices and they are great. The courts and everything look good."

Right now Wiggins is checking out potential college campuses with a small checklist of wants and needs. That list consists of four key necessities.

"A great coach, great supporters, good facility and great fans," Wiggins stated.

West Virginia University certainly has all four of those qualities in its favor.

Wiggins plays the game with an unselfish attitude. Watch a Huntington Prep game and you will see Wiggins look to his teammates before looking to score himself. That could be partially due to his status on the team as a sophomore playing alongside other older players. He insists it is a key part of his game.

"I'm not a selfish player," Wiggins stated. "If I see a teammate wide open or he has a better shot than me I will pass him the ball. I play with great teammates and I trust them to score so I have no problem giving up the pass or the shot for another easier shot for my teammates."

One of the challenges for these talented young athletes is to realize that they need to keep improving. Wiggins definitely gets that and wants to get better in certain key aspects of the game.

"My shot improved a lot since before," Wiggins stated. "I would say mostly my ball handling and always playing hard. I will take possessions off and I need to always go hard."

Make no mistake that if Wiggins chooses WVU, Bob Huggins will take care of the need to always go hard.

For now, Wiggins will continue to take the floor for Huntington Prep. He will also continue to check out other college campuses. His checklist will be on his mind and finding a better coach, with better support a better facility and better fans will be a nearly impossible task.

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