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From the Cheap Seats: Why Don't Fans Go to Mountaineer Women's Games?

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It's not a new question, but one that I'm sure continues to haunt WVU Women's Head Coach Mike Carey. I should start by saying that I'm as bad an offender as anyone else. I haven't been to a women's game this season and probably haven't been to more than a dozen ever. From the looks of things, neither have very many other fans.

The Mountaineer women have played 14 games at the Coliseum this season. For a recent win over 14th-ranked Louisville, 4,537 fans showed up, but attendance at the 13 prior home games was all less than that. Eleven of those contests had fewer than 2,500 fans in the stands. In contrast, more than 10,000 Huskies fans showed up when WVU traveled to UCONN, and more than 9,000 Notre Dame fans left South Bend unhappy after the Mountaineers took down their second-ranked women. In a different comparison, the only Mountaineer men's game that had an attendance below 6,000 this season was the Kent State game, which had a ridiculous Tuesday morning tip-off time.

Before we talk about why fans don't go to WVU women's games, let's look at some reasons why they should. For one thing, the women are having a better season than the men. Many of the reasons fans give for not going to men's games are non-issues with the women. Parking is much easier to come by and doesn't have a high cost associated with it. Tickets are also considerably cheaper and can often be had for free, for doing things like contributing to food drives at the men's games. Special concession promotions are often offered for women's games and because there are fewer fans at the women's games, you'll more than likely get a better seat than at a men's game.

So why don't fans, myself included, go to the women's games? This probably sounds lame, but if I'm being honest, it has a lot to do with athleticism. One of the things that draws me to basketball is the high-flying action, i.e., thunderous dunks and monstrous blocked shots. You just don't get those things in the women's game. The other big thing for me is time. It's already a heck of a commitment to buy men's season tickets, fit getting to all the games in with my work schedule, and cough up cash for parking and food. Making the 70 mile roundtrip drive to the Coliseum a couple more times a week, isn't going to happen and many Mountaineer fans have a much worse drive than me to get to Morgantown.

The vast majority of women's games I have attended were just before, or just after men's games, but even those doubleheaders didn't produce big crowds. The university has tried a number of things get fans to games and none of them have shown any consistent success. I certainly don't have the answer. If you do, please share it by commenting below. Also feel free to let us know why you don't go to women's games, or if you're one of the diehards who do go, tell us what gets you there.

If you're interested, the Mountaineers' next home game is Wednesday at 7 p.m. against Rutgers.

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