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Marquette's Williams Dances on WVU's Dashed Dreams


While West Virginia took another step closer to missing out on the Big Dance, Marquette's head coach was dancing on its logo.

The Mountaineers had already exited the court and headed back to their locker room to lick their wounds from a 61-60 loss when Buzz Williams was suddenly inspired to move his feet to the rhythm of Country Roads.

He had just finished hugging it out with star forward Jae Crowder as the rest of the team hit the showers and was on his way to sit with the broadcast crew for a postgame chat when he chose to mimic a waltz without a partner.

Or whatever you'd like to call his display.

One thing is for certain – it got the home crowd fired up and yelling so loudly the WVU Dance Team was likely envious.

Some fans threw objects toward Williams, who has a history of being rather over-the-top in some of his gestures and celebrations, while others in the student section acted as though they intended to come after him as he made his way to his interview.

Order was restored in time for Williams to reflect on Marquette's 24th win of the season, but the scene when he stood to leave the court was one I don't recall ever seeing.

Hundreds of WVU fans had waited out his live analysis for the sole purpose of screaming and booing at him for what they had just witnessed on their sacred grounds.

Williams claims he was simply caught up in the moment when a familiar tune turned him into twinkle toes.

"I apologize," he said after the game. "That was very unprofessional. That is not a great representation of our program and our institution. I was just really excited. I grew up in the country and Country Roads was one of my favorite songs. When I realized the riot was about to occur that John Denver said West Virginia in the song. I'm sorry."

A Texas native, you can certainly buy what Williams is saying about enjoying a little bit of John Denver in his formative years. Whether or not you buy his apology, however, is a different matter. It's doubtful any fans will forgive him, and it seems clear that at least one WVU player is not ready to do so either.

"I mean, that's always been his thing ever since we've played against him," senior guard Truck Bryant said after the game. "That's why when we beat them when Da'Sean [Butler] was here, Da'Sean didn't shake anybody's hand because [Williams] is just disrespectful. I just call it disrespectful. But at the end of the day, if we see them again…"

Bryant trailed off. He may have realized that he was getting carried away with his response or perhaps he realized that he just had the opportunity to shut up the Marquette coach and didn't capitalize, so why talk about the possibility of having another chance?

Deniz Kilicli said he would not talk about what Williams had done. None of the players had seen it, after all.

But they will have heard all about it by now and if they flipped on their televisions Saturday, they may have seen what he did on their court. It has to just compound the feeling of watching their postseason dreams slipping away.

They were supposed to be the ones celebrating a top 10 win and instead, the Coliseum floor was turned into a ballroom, if only for a few brief moments, by the coach who may have just solidified an additional home game for the fans who booed him out of the arena.

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