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A Farewell Letter from WVU Mountaineer Brock Burwell


Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Fans,

Tuesday night at the men's basketball game, a new Mountaineer will be selected to take over a role that I have filled for the last two years. I write this short letter to express to you how much I have loved being your Mountaineer.

This has been a life changing experience for me and has literally been the best two years of my life. I cannot begin to put into words how blessed I feel to have had this wonderful opportunity. I have made more memories during these two years than I would have hoped to make in a lifetime.

Growing up a huge WVU fan, this experience has been a dream come true.

I recall as a child watching my favorite WVU player, Quincy Wilson, play here and make amazing runs and now when I see him, he, on many occasions, has smiled and approached me. There is no price tag that I could ever put on that. Quincy was my favorite player of all-time and still is to this day! It blows my mind that he would ever be happy to see me of all people!

Throughout my two years I have had many opportunities to speak with former Mountaineers and it really touches me to see how interested and passionate they are about the position years from when they served their tenure. Like them, this is not a position that I will graduate and forget about.

The experiences that I have had in these two years will be with me till the day I die. Again, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to serve the university and state that I love so dearly.

I have been asked many times what my favorite moment being the Mountaineer has been. It is difficult for me to answer that question as I have had so many great memories that would be impossible to choose just one.

Whether it would be going up on stage with the College GameDay crew, cheering on the team in the Orange Bowl or those first moments when I was selected back in 2010, I have a lifetime full of memories.

Believe me, I do not share these stories to boast about myself. I do it to allow you to understand how much fun I have had and how this experience has been life changing.

During my first year as the Mountaineer, I truly got a taste of how much the Mountaineer really meant to those involved with this University and state. I had the opportunity to attend the press conference in which Oliver Luck was announced as our new Athletic Director.

I felt honored just to be there as this was a big event. Right as the event was getting ready to start, Mr. Luck walked in the room (which was filled with much more important people than me mind you). He scanned the room and then made his way straight to me without saying a word to anyone and, with a big smile on his face, shook my hand and said, "It's great to see the Mountaineer again!"

That was such an awesome moment for me and I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face as he stood there with me.

Last Summer I was at the stadium giving a tour to a group of children and once I was finished I was summoned into the building by an assistant coach. I was led into coach Holgorsen's office because he saw me outside and wanted to "chat."

We talked for a while about various topics and he gave me a tour of his office. To be honest, I don't remember half of what he said. I was just thrilled to have him call me in to talk for a bit. The young boy in me came out while I was in his office.

Growing up loving WVU football, I would never have imagined that I would be in the office of the head coach of WVU just simply talking. I did my best to keep from acting like I was a kid in a candy store, at which I probably failed. We have spoken since and while that's always a thrill, that one moment will be a very special one for me and one I will never forget.

While being there was amazing, my favorite part of that experience was when I saw a postcard I signed to him at the beginning of the season framed and sitting on his desk. Unbelievable. I could have never expected that.

Throughout the past few weeks, I have watched these individuals try-out to become the next Mountaineer and it has really brought me back to the first year that I tried out. I had made it to the final four and to the try-out.

The night of the try-out, I was very nervous but really excited to have this opportunity and when it was finally my turn, I went out and did the best that I could. I was working the crowd and talking to people. I felt like I was doing a great job.

Now you have to understand that Brady Campbell had just completed his two terms as the Mountaineer and was on his way out and I was vying to become his successor. Everyone loved Brady as the Mountaineer and no one was ready to see him leave.

That being said, I made my way down to the student section and was feeling good but when I got to the middle of the students, a guy turned around, pointed straight at me and, with the meanest look, said, "YOU'RE NOT BRADY!" I had no idea how to respond to that. He was right. I was not Brady but I was doing the best I could! I just simply said, "Let's go Mountaineers!"

He then came back with, "You're NOT Brady!"

Looking back, I can't help but laugh at that situation but he really threw me off that night. I refused to go back in the student section and I think it hurt my score to be honest.

That night I think I really began to understand how important the Mountaineer is to the students and fans. They were not ready to see him leave and they were not afraid to let me know it!

While this may be a joyous time in my life (Graduating with Master's Degree, finishing up being the Mountaineer, etc.) I am deeply saddened by it. I worked so hard to be the Mountaineer. I have wanted this my entire life and worked toward that goal my entire time in college.

With the sun now setting on my time as the Mountaineer, I am beginning to recollect all of the great times I have had. While I have had some great memories, it is sad to realize that those memories are becoming just that, memories.

These two years have been the best two years of my life and I wouldn't change them for anything in this world but I would by lying if I said it will not be a sad day when I pass on the position to the new Mountaineer.

All of that said, I have you all to thank for everything. You all have helped make these two years unforgettable with your love, kindness and helpfulness. I would not have been the Mountaineer I was without our great students, faculty, staff and fans.

I will still be the Mountaineer until April 20th and hope to make many more memories in this last stretch, but I pray that when the new Mountaineer takes over, you treat him with as much respect and love as you have me.

As odd as this sounds, I must say also goodbye to the "Mountaineer."

While you may believe that I am the Mountaineer, I believe differently. I simply filled the role of the Mountaineer much like an actor fills a role in a movie. Many individuals have played the part before me and there will be many more to come in the future.

When I first became the Mountaineer, I had so many new and fresh ideas to bring to the position, but I quickly found out that I would not change the Mountaineer, the Mountaineer would change me. I have found this to be true and I am a much better person today than I was when I took over this position two years ago.

I have tried my best to represent each and every one of you in the best way that I possibly could.

The position of the Mountaineer is rich with tradition and history and I hope I have added to that in some small way. All I have ever wanted was to leave a positive impact on this university and I hope that I have done that.

Again, I just want to thank you for everything you all have done for me! It has truly meant the world and I will never forget it!


Brock Burwell

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