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Quick Hits: WVU Football Practice Day 10

J.B. Lageman (left) and Pat Eger (right) square off during Tuesday's practice. J.B. Lageman (left) and Pat Eger (right) square off during Tuesday's practice.

It was a brisk day at Mountaineer Field when the WVU football team got to work on its 10th spring practice session. Let's get right into a couple brief notes from Tuesday's 30 minutes that were open to the media:


-       When the wind is swirling and the cold fills the air as it did Tuesday, everyone needs to do something to get their blood flowing. WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen, who was dressed head to toe in black, decided the best way to keep himself warm was to take part in a few drills.

Holgorsen did his best quarterback impression, bringing back awful memories from fall when the team had no arms to throw in drills. Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson will rip everything about Holgorsen as a QB, and surely Coach Jake Spavital had some suggestions for his technique, but these are the things he will do during practice.

I'm told he was catching punts, too, which makes me feel terrible for having missed it. I get this vision of the offensive and defensive lineman who Rich Rodriguez used to put to test catching punts in an effort to get the team out of sprints after some practices. Most looked awkward and not the least bit athletic, though they often made the catch. I offer my apologies to Dana that this image comes to mind when considering his role as a punt returner.

-       The actual quarterbacks weren't having a ton more success. With the swirling winds, many of the tosses came out shakily or the fade routes were simply caught in the gusts. On a final attempt from Paul Millard to Connor Arlia, the ball fluttered before taking a nose dive and the helpless receiver completely misjudged everything about his jump and his hands, missing the ball completely.

-       One of the surprises on the depth chart that was released Tuesday morning was true freshman Imarjaye Albury surpassing Shaq Rowell for the backup nose tackle position. In many of the drills these eyes have witness, Albury showed potential, but was often the focus of d-line coach Erik Slaughter's attention for the wrong reasons.

On Tuesday, he received some of the same, but when going up against the offensive line in one-one-one drills he was singled out for his performance in a positive manner. Slaughter asked Albury if he could get the same result every time he came off the ball, saying, "We've got something."

The o-line claimed Albury jumped the snap count, but there's nothing wrong with anticipating the cadence in the fall.

-       Speaking of the depth chart, there are a few things to point out with regard to that. Many have questioned Will Clarke's placement on the list as a defensive tackle rather than an end. It's clear from watching practice that he will be used as both. He took part in as many drills at either position.

Taige Redman shows up on the depth chart as a Will linebacker, one of the two inside positions, but that is the first I've seen him associated with the position. In every drill this spring, including Tuesday, he lined up as the Buck on the outside. Maybe the move on the depth chart is in anticipation of a healthy Jewone Snow, but there is little to indicate that he is prepping for that position just yet.

-       News to me, though maybe not to all, was the status of Terrell Chestnut. The redshirt-freshman cornerback apparently hit his head on the field too hard on Thursday and according to athletic trainer Dave Kerns he is day-to-day recovering from that blow.

Chestnut assured me earlier in the spring that he would never be caught in a red or green injury jersey again after being sidelined his entire true freshman season. Unfortunately, players can't always control that.

-       The linebackers went up against the A and B backs in a one-on-one drill and it was the defense holding the advantage. The backs were asked to hold off the rushing linebackers, blocking them from reaching the "quarterback."

Isaiah Bruce made it past his blocker easily. Andrew Buie was made to go multiple times in a row as he was easily brushed past by any number of defenders. Shawne Alston suffered a similar fate, though for him it was more than he completely missed on his initial contact and never recovered.

Donovan Miles may have had the most success in the first rotation, keeping Troy Gloster from reaching the QB.

-       Ivan McCartney continues to practice, but it is clear he isn't 100 percent. During individual drills, he jogged gingerly after each catch, showing that his hamstring injury is still bothering him.


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