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WVU After Star Rusher Lorenzo Woodley for 2013 Class


Columbus High School has its own thunder and lightning combination in the backfield and West Virginia has its eye on both elements of the storm.

Daryl Chestnut and Lorenzo Woodley star together at the running back position for the Explorers' offense, each bringing different dimensions to the field and to opposing defenses.

"He's a speedy guy and I'm more of a downhill, power rusher," says Woodley. "He can deliver that quick strike and with me, we just have a great one-two punch. I think that we're a perfect combination at the running back position."

That is precisely the reason why WVU running back coach Robert Gillespie is after both Miami, Fla. products for the 2013 recruiting class.

Woodley says he and Chestnut are not advertising themselves as a package deal, but if it were to work out that they both chose the same school, they would try to carry over their prep success to the college game. In truth, they have been with one another just about every step of the way since they first began playing football.

"Me and Lorenzo grew up together, we call ourselves brothers. We've been in the same household for a long time now," says Chestnut. "On the field, his dad coached us the same way, so when I run physical, I just think of his dad because he's the one who taught me how to run the football like that."

Woodley, though, is the more physical rusher. His 6-foot, 210-pound frame trumps Chestnut, who checks in at 5-foot-9, 190. Still, they each say not to underestimate either one in the speed or strength department.

Whatever it is they bring to the table, the Mountaineers are interested. With 13 offers and a list that continues to grow, Woodley, the No. 34 rusher nationally according to Rivals.com, is waiting until spring football ends to really begin narrowing down his choices.

"I'm just trying to weigh my options and take it slowly before I make a decision," he says. "The place I go, I just want it to be the best place for me."

West Virginia looks good early if for no other reason than that it is full of some familiar faces.

With a Florida contingent that has reached well over 20 athletes, Woodley was bound to know a few, and he specifically references WVU freshman defensive lineman Imarjaye Albury and incoming running back Torry Clayton and receiver Devonte Mathis, who is Chestnut's cousin.

"Coach Gillespie brought a lot of Florida guys up there and with me being in that program, I can relate to a lot of those guys because they're from down here, too," says Woodley.

In addition to the personnel, Woodley recites a similar tune to what many recruits have been singing about WVU recently. The coaching staff tells them they will play freshmen, and the proof is right there on the field.

"They play a lot of freshmen. That's one thing about it," says Woodley. "Knowing that they'll play a freshman if he's worth it, that definitely helps me when I'm thinking about my chances of getting on the field."

It is a major reason why Woodley is looking to add West Virginia to a schedule of visits that currently includes just two other school with definite plans in the works.

In the meantime, both Woodley and Chestnut expect a visit from Gillespie as they work through spring camp in preparation for one last season on the same team.

That is, of course, unless some program scoops them both up in February.

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