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Big 12 Logo Coming Soon To WVU Facilities


The Big 12 logo is already on the floor of the new WVU basketball practice facility. It will soon be on Mountaineer Field and inside the WVU Coliseum.

The process of replacing one logo for another is not a simple one and it will be costly for West Virginia University.

WVU is working with FieldTurf, the company that installed the turf at Mountaineer Field seven years ago, to replace the Big East logo with a Big 12 logo. However, it is not going to be as easy as you might think.

The Big East logo is sewn into the turf, so it will have to be cut out and replaced with a new piece of turf. That is not the only problem, it will also have to be the right color. Sure, isn't it supposed to be green? Yes, but it also much take into account seven years worth of weathering.

WVU Director of Facilities and Operations April Messerly is managing this project.

"FieldTurf is working to coordinate the graphics and coordinate color samples," Messerly said.

This project is not cheap. WVU has to replace two logos on the field with each one stretching ten yards by roughly seven yards. Messerly says it will cost WVU approximately $30,000 to replace the logos.

FieldTurf is hoping to arrive in Morgantown later this month to complete the project. Messerly says the University hopes it will only take a couple of days to cut out the Big East logo and insert the Big 12 logo.

"We are shooting to get it done at the end of June around camps at the stadium," Messerly stated. "There are not just football camps at the stadium, soccer has camps at the stadium, so we have the last week of June Monday through Thursday that we could pop it in. That is what we are working around right now. If we can get the material here. The biggest thing for them is to get the logo fabricated."

Messerly is also overseeing the removal of the Big East logo at the Coliseum. The Big 12 is considering issuing a new logo within the next year. Because of that, WVU will not be painting a Big 12 logo on the floor this season.

"We are planning on removing the logo completely from the key and simply putting the Big 12 logo on the basket standards for this season, while we are waiting for the new Big 12 logo to be determined," Messerly said. "And then we will put that down in the key once that new logo is done."

Removing the Big East logo will also be a costly process, not in terms of dollars, but in terms of wear and tear to the floor.

"Every time you sand that floor to do a process like remove a logo, you literally remove a year of floor life," Messerly stated. "We have to be careful when we do these kinds of things. We don't want to sand off a level this year to put a Big 12 logo and then sand off a level to do an updated Big 12 logo."

The floor at the Coliseum is sealed every year. However, this will be the first time in several years that the floor is sanded. The last time it received this kind of work was when the men's three-point line was moved back a few years ago.

This process has uncovered one big difference between the Big 12 style guide on logo placement and the Big East style guide.

"I can tell you the Big 12 has much looser standards about where their logo is put and seen than the Big East," Messerly said. "The Big East had very definite expectations and the Big 12 is definitely more flexible."

Big 12 schools are not required to have the conference logo placed on the field. Oklahoma, Iowa State and Kansas State do not currently have the Big 12 logo painted on their fields.

WVU may not be required to have it on the field, but it will be proudly displayed in the very near future. WVU officially joins the Big 12 on July 1.

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