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New WVU Uniforms Show Old Gold and ... Gray?


Photos of gray football uniforms and a helmet surfaced in January and sparked interest from fans and players alike, excited or enraged by the new combination.

On Saturday, yet another cell phone camera photo showed up on the all-knowing world wide web, this time of Tavon Austin's entire jersey set, from blue to gold to white to, yes, gray. Or grey if you prefer.

The helmet is not included in the photo, and there may be a number of reasons for that. The helmet that accompanied the picture back in January was situated in head coach Dana Holgorsen's office, but it was just a prototype.

A WVU football staff member said during spring camp that two varieties of the gray helmet were still being compared to find the best fit. The one in Holgorsen's office had a blue Flying WV decal with a gold outline and a stripe down the middle of the helmet, gold with a thicker blue outline.

Assistant equipment manager Aaron Malik said during Orange Bowl practices that the team would keep its current look for at least one more season before looking into the possibility of a complete design change, but did not rule out the addition of a new color combination with the same base design.

The current crop of uniforms has been in use at West Virginia since the 2007 season, in which a gold alternate uniform was introduced to the mix along with new blue and white threads.

Holgorsen said during last season that he had looked into new color combinations, but ruled out black in favor of gray, which he felt matched the school's colors better.

The basketball team wore gray uniforms for a number of years before a recent design change.

When the photos originally surfaced in January, a member of the WVU staff said he expected some sort of unveiling of the look at the team's spring game, which did not ultimately occur.

Equipment manager Dan Nehlen said last season that if WVU were to adopt new helmets, he did not know where they would store them in the facilities.

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