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Forsythe Working To Get Back To Full Strength


West Virginia University Forward Pat Forsythe did not get his college basketball career off to the kind of start he wanted. His freshman season was cut short by a pair of injuries. Forsythe was bothered by a back injury, but an ankle injury is what ultimately ended his season.

Forsythe played in seven games last season averaging two points, three rebounds and 11 minutes per game.

Forsythe was able to rehab his injury enough that he could warm up with the Mountaineers late in the season.

Now, months of rehab are complete and Forsythe is trying to get back into game shape by playing in the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Pro-Am Summer League.

"There are some points when I jump on it that it gets sore," said Forsythe. "Overall, my strength is getting better so there really are no more problems with it anymore."

Forsythe appeared to be favoring his right knee on Monday night. However, when he needed to make a power move or fire off a jump shot, the knee did not look weak at all.

The Mountaineers have not been in the new WVU basketball practice facility for long, but Forsythe is one of the players already benefiting from the new equipment and technology available to the players.

"Everything we got in there is all new equipment," Forsythe smiled. "We have underwater treadmills, we got gravity treadmills that take pressure off your knees. In the training room we didn't have all the stuff we have now. It's great to help prevent injuries and work on our game.

Forsythe will need his knee to be at full strength, because this year's Mountaineers are expected to do a lot more running up and down the floor. Forsythe wants to use that style of play to his advantage.

"Some bigs you can catch them running slow up and down and that could be an easy four to six points, which could be big for your team at the end," Forsythe stated.

Since the team will likely be pushing the ball up the floor more this season, Forsythe is using the summer league as a way to work on getting used to that style of play.

"Mostly I am trying to run up and down because that is the style of play we are going to have this year," said Forsythe. "Run, rebound and block shots. The scoring will come with the rebounding."

Forsythe appears to understand what is expected out of him this season. Now he must be ready to execute his role on this team. Playing in the summer league and running in open gym with his teammates will certainly help.

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