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Could Notre Dame Join Big 12?


Expansion rumors continue to swirl regarding potentially adding members to the Big 12. The Big 12 continues to say that it is keeping an eye on the ever-changing college landscape, but that expansion is not a priority right now.

Sure, that may be what the Big 12 is saying, but there is plenty of interest from outside schools that feel the Big 12 might be the perfect fit for them.

Notre Dame is the latest to be rumored to potentially move into the Big 12. West Virginia University is very familiar with sharing membership in a conference with Notre Dame.

The two schools spent 19 seasons together as members of the Big East. Notre Dame's inclusion as a member in everything but football proved to be contentious at times. is reporting Notre Dame is close to joining the Big 12 in, wait for it, everything but football. However, Notre Dame would schedule three games against Big 12 opponents early on before increasing that total to six games per year against Big 12 opponents.

Notre Dame's contract with NBC Sports to air its home football games ends in 2015. That might be the point at which Notre Dame decides to commit its football program to a conference. Having all of Notre Dame's other sports creates a natural home for the football program and should the Big 12 add the Fighting Irish, that would likely be the driving factor.

There has been one constant theme throughout realignment and that is money. Conferences and schools are out to help the bottom line as much as possible. If and when the Big 12 adds one, two or more teams, it will be because it feels those schools help make it even more marketable and appealing to television partners.

Notre Dame would help to strengthen the men's and women's basketball conference. It would also give WVU a closer conference opponent in basketball and its other Olympic sports.

Now the big question is, would WVU support the addition of Notre Dame in everything but football? That is a tough question to answer and one that WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck and President James Clements would need to spend a lot of time thinking about.


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