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Kevin Jones Not Taken In NBA Draft


Former West Virginia University basketball star Kevin Jones is in some select company within school record books. He is one of just two players to score more than 1,800 points and grab more than 1,000 rebounds in his college career. The only other player to do so is Jerry West, the man whose silhouette serves as the NBA logo.

Jones expected to join some select company once again as one of 60 players taken in the 2012 NBA draft. His agent, Bill Neff, virtually guaranteed his client would be a first round pick when he told reporters a team had given him that guarantee.

Instead, Jones heard 60 other names called at the draft. There were players with the first name of Kevin taken and those with the last name of Jones, but never Kevin Jones of West Virginia.

So, what was supposed to be a night full of celebration turned into a night fielding phone calls from potential employers. Jones will still get his chance to make an NBA team. He will just have to do it as an undrafted free agent.

Some of Jones' former college teammates took to twitter to protest this latest snub.

Da'Sean Butler tweeted, "Soooooo I really don't mind KJ not getting Big East player of the year EVEN THO he led the conference in SCORING & REBOUNDING!!!!! BUT......... for him not to get drafted is kinda OD!!! smh don't even matter KJ will make a team n earn his money bak double. smh"

John Flowers also vented via twitter, "Lead the big easy in scoring and rebounding...didnt get BEPOY and didn't get drafted...I'm speechless"

Two things to follow up on regarding Flowers. It's safe to assume he meant Big East instead of Big East. Frustration can do lead to typos. Also, this might be the first time Flowers is "speechless."

Back to Jones. He is no stranger to dealing with snubs. The Big East had another head-scratching moment when Jones was not named the Big East Player of the Year after, as Butler pointed out above, Jones led the league in scoring and rebounding.

Marquette's Jae Crowder was named Big East Player of the Year and in case you were wondering, was taken in the second round of the NBA draft.

Jones will be heading to an NBA city in the very near future. He should be committed to a team sometime this weekend at the latest. Once again he will have to do what he does, work hard and overcome those who doubted him.

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