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Mountaineer Field to Get Graphic Makeover

Rendering of potential graphic banners. Rendering of potential graphic banners.

Enter gray uniforms, exit gray walls.

Just when it seemed like the WVU football team was going to blend in with its surroundings and turn the battleship gray walls around it into an official team color, there is the first sign of changes to what has been an awkward fan-led fight for many years.

The entirety of Milan Puskar Stadium is made up of a generic gray color, which, when combined with the gray bleachers, does not give the visitors to the venue a real sense of whose building they are in.

Some fans have long questioned why the walls were not initially or could not now be painted in team colors, gold and blue. While a complete overhaul is not viable, steps can be taken to give the stadium more of a WVU feel.

A few years ago, gold and blue plates replaced black spray paint for the section numbers to show fans to their seats. The addition did incredible things for the team.

Such a small change, I can recall players and staff members stopping as they walked out for practice and admiring the new fancy numbers. A minor alteration really seemed to make a difference.

Then there was the new sign dubbing the arena "Milan Puskar Stadium" above the scoreboard and sleek, though oddly short, ribbon boards and suddenly Mountaineer Field had a Mountaineer feel.

Before then, the midfield logo and end zones were about the only sign of whose stadium this was.

Now yet another change will be made as West Virginia University put out a request for bids for installing graphic vinyl banners along the lower walls.

What was once simply gray with section numbers and Big East Conference logos is poised to receive a major facelift.

According to an image that came across my email account on Thursday with no mention of its source, the banner along the east sideline shows block-lettered "West Virginia" on one end and "Mountaineers" on the other with a Flying WV logo in the middle.

Above the seating for the university's marching band is another banner, which reads "The Pride of West Virginia."

While the graphics in the image certainly add something to the stadium, they leave plenty of room for improvement.

One potentially exciting change that would occur because of these banners is that Sam Huff and Ira Errett Rodgers may actually get a fitting tribute for their retired numbers.

That Pride of West Virginia banner is set to go right over the embarrassingly ugly and simple text of two Mountaineer greats' names and numbers, forcing them to move elsewhere.

When the Coliseum decided Jerry West's banner was not up to par, it was replaced with a far better graphic. Here's to hoping for a similar tribute to the former football stars.

But enough of what I think. You, some of the fans, asked for this, so what do you think? Use the comment section below and the poll above to share your thoughts on the proposed idea.

Then, check back with us on Monday after the mandatory pre-bid conference, where we expect to learn more about the plans going forward.

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