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WVU Still Looking For Depth On Offensive Line


One of the primary goals for college football teams across the nation is finding depth. Without it, one injury could derail an entire season.

Spring practices came and went without WVU offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh feeling very good about depth behind his starting unit.

Just a couple of days into training camp, Bedenbaugh is a lot more optimistic than he was four months ago.

"We've got a good group of guys," Bedenbaugh said. "I have been coaching a long time. We talk about it as a staff where if we can get to eight guys, then we are doing pretty good. I very rarely have had a true two deep where you can say these next five can go in. Some guys will play guard and tackle, some will play guard and center. The key is getting to eight guys."

Part of the problem for Bedenbaugh in looking for depth lies in his numbers. Of the 15 offensive linemen on the roster, six are freshmen. However, these freshmen are already impressing their teammates and their position coach.

"The new freshmen coming in are probably the smartest group of freshmen I have ever seen," Center Joe Madsen smiled. "We were in there today and (Coach) Bedenbaugh was asking questions about what is your assignment, what are you doing? They were clicking and knowing what they are doing. The first unit started clapping. It was nice to see."

"I think the one thing with these guys this year, at least it looks to me, is the older guys really coached them up this year," Bedenbaugh stated. "When we got into meetings on the first day, I'm asking questions and they are answering me."

Bedenbaugh challenged his older linemen to get the younger players ready throughout summer workouts. Coaches are not allowed to work with players during the summer, so that was the only way these younger players would be ready to jump right in.

"I put it on the older guys to make sure they taught these guys the offense so when we got there on the first day they understood what was going on," Bedenbaugh said. "That's a credit to those guys and really understanding what we want as an offense and as an offensive line."

"Unlike a lot of kids that are freshmen, these guys have been listening all summer as we have been trying to teach them," Offensive Tackle Josh Jenkins said. "It shows that they have been paying attention in the meeting room and on the field."

Part of the reason for optimism is due to junior college transfer Mark Glowinski. Bedenbaugh was high on Glowisnki's addition to the team on signing day. He remains high on what Glowinski can bring to the WVU offense.

"Mark (Glowinski) probably bends and moves as well as anyone I have ever coached," Bedenbaugh said. "Now it is about learning the offense and putting in the extra time to push for a starting position. I told him when I recruited him that you are coming here to start. I like where he is at right now."

Bedenbaugh said he is placing Glowinski at tackle for right now. That could change as camp progresses.

"We want to get him settled in," Bedenbaugh stated. "He played at left tackle the first day. We moved him to right tackle the second day. We are probably going to concentrate right now at tackle. We don't want to move him around too much. I did that last year with (Quinton) Spain, but we didn't have an option. Right now we are going to keep him at tackle."

The hunt for depth on the offensive line will continue throughout training camp. Fortunately for the Mountaineers, Bedenbaugh believes he will find that depth.

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