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WVU Lineman Curtis Feigt Catching the Eyes of his Coaches


West Virginia offensive tackle Curtis Feigt has really turned heads so far this camp and has earned praise from his offensive coaches. 

Not only is Feight new to the offensive line, he has only played football since he came over from Germany back in 2007.  When first arriving to Morgantown in 2009, he was on the defensive line.  The coaches decided he would be better suited playing on the offensive side of the ball back in the spring of 2011.

"Curtis is a young offensive lineman," offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh said.  "I know he's going to be a junior here but he's a young football player.  He's only played three or four years of football."

Feigt saw a lot of playing time at right tackle towards the end of the season last year.  He played a career-high 34 snaps against Pitt and also started the game against South Florida.

When asked about his late season push, Feigt said, "I think it really gave me an ego boost.  I got a lot more confident towards the end of the Pitt game.  When they threw me in there, I was a little bit shaky but towards the end I was pretty confident in my abilities.  When I got to start against USF, that felt pretty good too."

This past spring and summer workouts were very important for Feigt in his development and understanding of the position.  With the playing time he had towards the end of last year, he solidified where he will play from now on as a Mountaineer.

"Over the summer, I really just watched a lot of film," Feigt said.  "Coach Bedenbaugh said I have the athleticism and everything.  I just need to broaden my horizons about the game of football since I'm a little bit further behind than all of the other guys because I came over to the offensive line last year so I really just had to catch up on film."

The film sessions must be paying off for Feigt because he has really impressed Head Coach Dana Holgorsen in camp.

"Curtis Feigt looks like a different guy," Holgorsen said.  "We feel much more confident putting him in."

Coach Bedenbaugh sees a lot of improvement in Feigt's game and that is due to the fact he has been around the game for a while now.

"His total understanding of football is just so much higher than it was last year, probably even more than it was a week ago," Bedenbaugh said.  "Here's a kid that's going to advance at a higher rate now that he understands more than other kids just because he was starting so raw."

Feigt has not only had to adjust with his technique and understanding of the game, he has had to change physically to fit the mold of an offensive tackle.  Height wasn't a concern as he stands at 6'7, but he needed to build muscle and put on weight.

"I came here at 265 and right now I'm around 320," Feigt said.  "When I played defensive line, I was around 290 and when I switched over to the offensive line, I gained about 30 pounds.

"To be honest, weight gain has never been a real issue for me.  I just gain size naturally.  I don't really have to eat much, force-feed myself, take any supplements to gain size so everything for me just comes naturally so that really wasn't a big issue for me."

Feigt is expected to rotate with Pat Eger as the season begins or until a clear-cut favorite is chosen.




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