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Quotes from Coach: A WVU Miracle


In previous meetings with the media, WVU head football coach Dana Holgorsen has expressed real concern that multiple players on his roster would not be eligible due to grades.

A number of potential casualties were mentioned, but on Monday, he provided a positive update.

"I think we're in the clear. It's a miracle. It's the first miracle of the year," Holgorsen said with a smile. "A couple of guys I had some very serious reservations about, and they got through. The academic people in the back are doing a good job."

While it may not be a miracle, it is certainly welcome news for the program as it will now go into the season with as many players as are healthy rather than worrying about eligibility issues.

Holgorsen admitted that senior receiver J.D. Woods was among those players he had reservations about and due to that, he was running with the scout team in drills. But as of Monday, he was back with the starters at wide receiver rather than on the inside.

"With the emergence of Jordan Thompson playing at a very high level, he took that spot [on the inside] and ran with it," says Holgorsen. "We felt better at the inside receiver spot with him and Tavon [Austin], than we did at the outside receiver spot, so we moved J.D. back out, because he was more productive."

In the brief team period that Holgorsen ran to appease the gathered media on Monday, there were more big bodies at tight end and fullback on the field than what WVU used in 2011.

When asked about the roles of that size, Holgorsen seemed to hint that what was shown in practice may not exactly translate to game days.

"If we have those bodies, we use those bodies," he said. "We're going to do a lot of that and it's going to resemble a lot of power football out there. If you guys want to run with that one, go ahead."

The comment drew a laugh out of the back of the room. Holgorsen was trying to throw off the scent for the reporters before him, knowing he would not get away with it.

"I knew I'd get a chuckle out of somebody," he said.

Holgorsen said he has been impressed by what he sees from his starting offense, but says the second team has been "terrible."

Along with that group are two freshmen linemen, Tyler Orlosky and Adam Pankey, who Holgorsen had previously hailed as playing above their experience level. He admits that now, their heads are spinning a bit and the progression he was seeing looks to have hit a ceiling for now.

"You want to be able to redshirt o-lineman, but those guys are physically up to speed. Mentally, it's going to take some time," says Holgorsen. "We'll keep repping them, and we won't talk about a redshirt situation here for the next few weeks."

On Tuesday, the newcomers will be available to speak with the media for the first time, so be sure to check back for video interviews with some of the freshmen who have been off limits so far.

For Holgorsen's entire press conference, click here.

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