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Texas State Troopers attend funeral service for Trooper Eric Workman

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Law enforcement officers from around the nation were among the thousands who attended West Virginia State Trooper Eric Workman's funeral services on Wednesday.  

One Texas State Trooper tells 13NEWS he believed it's his duty to pay tribute to the men he considers his brothers.

"This is one of the fraternities you belong to and it goes back from tradition.  So we always like to pay our respects to the fallen officers who are doing the same jobs that everybody across the state and across the country are doing.  We have different uniforms but it's all with the same purpose, the same commitment and dedication," said Trooper Abraham Martinez, a Texas State Trooper based out of Houston. 

Martinez tells 13NEWS that Trooper Workman's funeral was everything he expected it to be.  "Definitely touching.  He was definitely a really well liked Troop.  He had a lot to bring to the community and had a lot to offer.  A lot was lost."

After seeing the outpouring of support here in the Mountain State, Trooper Martinez said there is a lot to be learned in the future.

"We only can hope that the younger generation can look at him as a role model and follow in the same footsteps.  We definitely need a lot of great Troops with character like that to carry out the jobs that we have to do," said Martinez. 

Martinez said to move forward, law enforcement everywhere must take every precaution necessary.  "We always have to be aware of our surroundings and try to do as much as we can to share with those that are coming through the ranks to make sure we are all safe out here.

The Texas State Troopers we spoke with drove up from Houston yesterday.  They said the Troopers here treated them like one of their own during their stay in our area.

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