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Buie Just Fine With Extra Workload


West Virginia University Sophomore Running Back Andrew Buie carried the ball 31 times for 207 yards and two touchdowns against Texas last weekend. For that effort he was named the Big 12 offensive player of the week.

Shawne Alston began the season as the starting running back. A deep thigh bruise has kept Alston on the sidelines and increased opportunities for Buie.

Buie has carried the ball a total of 56 times in the past two weeks, but he is not showing any signs of that taking any kind of toll on his body.

"I hope he can carry the ball as much as he did that last game," Offensive Coordinator Shannon Dawson said. "It is unrealistic to think running backs are not going to get dinged up. We probably need Dustin to come on a bit and carry the ball a little more. You got to go with who is hot. That guy is running and doing a good job and so we have to stay with him."

"We do a good job of taking a lot of reps in practice so when you are in the game and getting the reps it really doesn't bother you that much," Buie said. "I haven't really been taking too much in the way of big hits so I am doing fine."

Perhaps that is one of the biggest keys, avoiding the big hit. Buie is constantly keeping his eyes in motion to avoid putting himself in a position to get lit up, "You just try to play the best you can with your eyes and put your body in the best situation so you don't take unnecessary contact if you don't have to."

Buie is listed at 5-foot-9, 188 pounds. His size and speed help him to avoid the big hits. He also spent the offseason trying to put himself in a better situation to take the punishment associated with playing running back at the college level.

"That was a big goal for me in the offseason to build me strength and make sure I am durable during the season," Buie said. "I feel like I am in a way better situation physically than I was last year at this point."

Buie added 10 pounds to his frame in the offseason. That has definitely helped him withstand a situation where he carries the ball 56 times in two weeks. He does not show any signs of slowing down either.

"I feel like I have the potential to play like that every week and I am going to try to play like that every week, but I don't stop and glamour in the attention that comes with it," Buie stated. "Without those guys blocking up front I wouldn't be sitting here talking about a 207 rushing yard game. All the credit goes to my teammates that helped me get that stat on Saturday."

Buie's message to the coaching staff is a simple one, "I'll take it as long as you are giving it to me."

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