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WVU Projected To Play In BCS Championship Game


Several of the so-called experts have moved West Virginia University into their projections to play in the BCS National Championship game. Three top-five teams lost last weekend, which helped the undefeated Mountaineers rise into this position.

One of those experts, Jerry Palm of cbssports.com, has projected WVU to play Alabama for the national title.

"The team that was there before was Florida State," Palm said. "I think I was going to make that move anyway because after West Virginia beat Texas I looked at their schedule and felt that was their toughest road game."

WVU only has three road games remaining. Those games are at Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Iowa State.

"They get Oklahoma and Kansas State at home and so I like their chances of going 12-0," Palm said. "Above all of the other contenders I think their schedule sets up the best to finish undefeated and get in that game."

Alabama, Oregon and South Carolina are currently ahead of West Virginia in the Coaches' Poll, which is part of the BCS formula. South Carolina and Alabama will ultimately have to meet in the SEC Championship game if both remain unbeaten. WVU could jump over the loser of that game. Oregon could be a problem for the Mountaineers.

"I think the fact that Oregon is already ahead in the polls and would have to beat USC twice to make that happen probably gives Oregon the edge," Palm stated.

Palm went on to admit he projects West Virginia to play for the BCS Championship because he does not believe Oregon will beat USC twice.

Another scenario WVU fans may grow concerned over is a one-loss Alabama team having a chance to jump West Virginia.

"I don't think West Virginia has to worry about any team with one loss if they are undefeated," Palm said.

Should WVU lose a game, its path to a championship game is not completely erased, but does obviously become much more difficult.

"I don't like their chance of getting back with one loss," Palm stated. "I think there are better candidates with one loss like USC or LSU. I think it is a bit of an uphill climb for West Virginia. It would depend on who they lose to and when. It is better to lose early to like a Kansas State than to lose later and try to make a late season climb in the rankings."

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