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Superstitious WVU Fans Take Blame for Loss


We all have superstitions. As a sports fan, though… That's a different story.

If you ask most hardcore fans, there is some little nuance of their game day ritual that has to be exactly the same as long as their team is winning. If that ritual is changed and the team loses, that poor fan knows he or she was the cause of the result on the field.

After West Virginia began the season 5-0, it is a safe bet to believe that some fans became set in their ways, knowing exactly what they had done to contribute to the undefeated start and exactly what not to do in order to keep it going.

But on Saturday, the Mountaineers suffered their first loss of the season. You can say what you want to about the coaching or the players' execution of the game plan, but those fans who changed their ritual from the five previous games know precisely what caused the letdown in Lubbock.

So on Sunday, while traveling back to Morgantown, I posed this question on my Twitter page:

"Curious about the superstitious crowd. Any #WVU fans do/wear something different for yesterday's loss than the 5 wins?"

The response was just about what you would expect. Some of Mountaineer Nation blamed their parents, weddings, shirts, shoes, socks, facial hair, kidney stones, beer labels, one-year-old children, broadcasters and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Jonathan Kimble, the Mountaineer, blamed himself for not drinking the coaching staff's beverage of choice, Red Bull, during the game.

More than any other response, though, WVU fans blamed gray helmets and uniforms in general. While that's not a superstition they could control, these folks take their traditional blue helmet with a gold Flying WV quite seriously, and many are now demanding that it make a permanent return to the game day wardrobe.

If you didn't get a chance to get in on the blame game yesterday, there's still time. Share your superstitions in the comments below, or do as these fans did and tweet them directly at me. You can reach me day or night at @GFCoyle.

Below are most of the answers I received on Sunday, unedited, for your enjoyment:


‪@GFCoyle we didn't wear the blue helmets with white on white


‪@GFCoyle I wore a different pair of shoes that I will NOT be wearing on another game day ever.


‪@GFCoyle I had to go to wedding and couldn't sit in my lucky spot with my two sizes too small lucky shirt. It's all on me.


‪@GFCoyle I've heard some people condemn the grey helmets and grey unis in general.


‪@GFCoyle first game this year I didn't buy a new shirt to wear. ‪#itsallmyfault


‪@GFCoyle I'll be getting a haircut this week that grows out until the next L, got one the week before the Marshall game.


‪@GFCoyle our crew was all over WV. ‪@jbucher3 in BU. ‪@wv_embug in Boone. Not sure where ‪@znorman85 disappeared to. ‪#neveragain


‪@GFCoyle watched it at my parents. Last game I watched there? Elite 8 vs Louisville. Sorry guys.


‪@GFCoyle it's bad luck to be superstitious ‪#sarcastictweet


‪@GFCoyle I blame Greg Hunter. The football gods weren't happy he missed a game.


‪@GFCoyle My beer label was not pointed at the T.V. I was told i was ridiculous but look what happened.


‪@GFCoyle I was at my daughter's 1st birthday party instead of sitting in front of TV. Last time I missed a WVU game? The Final Four.


‪@GFCoyle first game I haven't gone to this year...first loss


‪@GFCoyle I fulfilled my part. I didn't shave my chin strap, which i wasn't going to do until we lost


‪@GFCoyle it WAS the 13th....


‪@GFCoyle I blame it on the alcohol.


‪@GFCoyle got caught up in the hype of next week. College gameday should have never hinted they might come next week


‪@GFCoyle I blame the 49ers shirt I wore yesterday, thought the Harbaugh link would bring defense


‪@GFCoyle I blame ABC for jinxing us with big east losers in the broadcast booth-Mcdonough and Spielman.


‪@GFCoyle Gray Helmets? ‪#WVU


‪@GFCoyle Sabotage. Something was put in the steaks.


‪@GFCoyle Last week I started checking on hotels in Miami


‪@GFCoyle I blame it on watching the game on my 19inch nub instead of the 55inch silly.


‪@GFCoyle I had to watch the game at a Pitt fan's house. Boo hiss.


‪@GFCoyle can we still blame Rich Rod?


‪@GFCoyle blame it on ‪#Morgantown that was their secret plan to keep people from rioting...


‪@GFCoyle I'll take the blame for the loss. I wasn't in my banana suit :(


‪@GFCoyle It was our first game on ESPN/ABC this season. I blame them.


‪@GFCoyle damn golf tourney, had to DVR to watch but heckled by ISU "former" friend ‪#fail


‪@GFCoyle I wasn't at the game. If Holgs wants to win Ill need tix and travel accommodations from here on out.


‪@GFCoyle it had to be 3:30 start time on ABC... First 3:30 start time in ages.


‪@GFCoyle my wife went to the tanning bed before the game instead of on friday.


‪@GFCoyle Blame Jose Valverde. Why not?


‪@GFCoyle I still wanna blame the defense... Kinda like playing Russian roulette. Give up 49 points enough, you die...


‪@GFCoyle I didn't drink a red bull yesterday...


‪@GFCoyle only watched 1st half, called to work. I'm a locomotive engineer----RAILROADED


Hey ‪@GFCoyle, blame the horse. RT ‪@ChrisLevel: ‪#TexasTech is undefeated when a Harley Davidson leads the team onto the field.


‪@GFCoyle I blame Dale Jr. missing last night's race. Last time he missed a race in '99 we finished 4-7


‪@GFCoyle I was camping with members of the tuba section since the band didn't go.


‪@GFCoyle I had chips and dip instead of nachos and cheese pregame.


‪@GFCoyle cause we wore those grey helmets. We need to stay blue and gold no more grey we play horrible in grey


‪@GFCoyle I wore white socks instead of black


‪@GFCoyle gray is the new gold. I blame myself for not wearing the same shorts I have all season, stupid wedding, blame wedding also


‪@GFCoyle went to WalMart before the game. I knew better.


‪@GFCoyle I was sober


‪@GFCoyle spielman's fault for calling out plays from Spain's foot stances


‪@GFCoyle didn't have frosted flakes for breakfast


‪@GFCoyle washed my gameday clothes on gameday not on Friday before


‪@GFCoyle also started using a new toothbrush this week


‪@GFCoyle didn't make my first cocktail until 30 minutes before the start. Bad cocktail etiquette.


‪@GFCoyle 1 superstition & 1 fact: I was under the weather which affected my Mountaineers; hate the BCS..way too much pressure to win every game


‪@GFCoyle my WVU shirt was I trash it now??


‪@GFCoyle had to watch in a lobby at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Pittsburgh during a wedding full of Pitt fans! ‪#grueling


‪@GFCoyle I blame the sunburn my wife and I got at the game.


‪@GFCoyle I bet on the Mountaineers to win the title in Vegas. My fault.


‪@GFCoyle blame it on those stinkin grey helmets


‪@GFCoyle Passed a kidney stone before the game. Not the usual pregame routine. Also watched 1st Big12 away game in FL, but not this one!


‪@GFCoyle Wore same shirt and same jeans, changed at halftime though.....obviously didn't work


‪@GFCoyle I didn't put on my WVU gear until halftime


‪@GFCoyle Late, but blame Spielman for pointing out Spain's stance tipoff.

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