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Friends Reunite In Pinstripe Bowl


Many West Virginia and Syracuse fans thought they had seen the last meeting between the two schools in 2011. WVU left the Big East for the Big 12 and Syracuse announced it was leaving the Big East for the ACC.

As fate would have it, the two schools are set to square off in the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl.

So, the rivalry is set to resume between the two teams. There is also the issue of a friendly rivalry taking place between Syracuse Wide Receiver Alec Lemon and West Virginia Linebacker Terence Garvin.

"I'm close to Terence Garvin," Lemon said. "He plays linebacker there. We were in an all-star game together."

"I met Alec when we were in high school," Garvin said. "We were in the crab bowl together and that is when we first met and started talking."

That friendship grew as they chose their respective colleges. Lemon decided to play at Syracuse while Garvin took his talents to West Virginia.

"When he said he was going to Syracuse, we started a little rivalry," Garvin smiled. "I have been kind of playing with him all week and texting him."

The two friends reunited even before they arrived in New York City. They saw each other in the airport and boarded the same plane for the Big Apple.

"We were actually on the same flight up here and we were talking about the game," Lemon chuckled. "He was talking, saying he was going to talk trash during the game. I said, go ahead I'm not going to listen."

Fans are interested in seeing the 60th meeting between West Virginia and Syracuse. That added to the appeal of the Pinstripe Bowl matchup. For Lemon and Garvin, the added appeal was knowing the two would have an opportunity to close out their college careers against each other.

"It is always fun to kind of know somebody on the other team, especially with him playing offense and me playing defense," Garvin said. "I get to talk a little trash to him, so it will be cool."

"It's kind of funny," Lemon laughed. "It seems like we can't get away from each other because we thought we would be away from them when they went to the Big 12, but we're still playing them. We feel it is kind of ironic that this is our last game as collegiate athletes that we are playing each other."

Keep an eye out for No. 15 for Syracuse and No. 28 for West Virginia. Garvin may get the chance to put a hit on Lemon, or try to pick off a pass in front of him.

"It will be fun," Garvin smiled. "Hopefully he will know we are out here. That is our plan."

The result of the game will not matter for their friendship. Lemon and Garvin plan to keep in touch for years to come.

"He's a good guy," Lemon said. "I got his number and we text and talk often. Hopefully we keep it that way."

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