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NFL Coaches, GMs Talk Mountaineers in the League


Throughout the weekend, NFL coaches, general managers and scouts will have a keen eye on the best that college football has to offer their league.

We caught up with some of the decision makers to get their thoughts on some former West Virginia football players currently playing on their teams as well as those who are at the Combine working toward their future in Indianapolis.

Below are additional quotes from coaches and executives, along with a player who faced the Mountaineers this past season, from the Combine media sessions.


Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone on facing Geno Smith at Syracuse:

I don't think you can put an evaluation in a game. I think it's a body of work and he's proven that he's a top-flight quarterback. I was able to see that going back and looking at all of his games. We were just fortunate. We did a good job and we were able to win the game, but make no mistake about it, he's an outstanding player.


Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier on Tavon Austin/Percy Harvin comparisons:

I don't really want to compare anyone to Percy that's playing college football. Percy Harvin is a very, very good football player, excellent football player, Pro Bowl caliber guy, so I wouldn't want to compare him to any guy that's coming out of college right now.


Former Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones on WVU players at the Combine:

All solid players. All really talented guys. I mean, Tavon probably had one of the best games in college football that year. He had 600-some yards total offense against us, so explosive kid, explosive player.


Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano on free agent Pat McAfee:

He's huge. He's a major priority in free agency and we obviously have reached out and are working to get Pat re-signed. You saw what he did on the football field last year. He's a great weapon, not only on kickoffs and touchbacks and those types of things and kicking out of the end zone, but I sat from a hospital bed and from home for 12 weeks and just watched him pin guys back inside the 20, inside the 10 over and over and over again. So, to have a weapon like that is a tremendous asset to your football team. It helps you in field position, it helps our offense, it helps our defense set up long fields for our opponents' offense and stuff like that. Huge priority in getting Pat back.


Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson on Don Barclay's rookie season:

Don did a very good job. He was forced into action before he thought he was probably going to be forced into it and before we thought he was going to be forced into it, but he held his own. I think the value of that was to see some of the things he's got to work on into the future and it's also an indication of how our coaches are willing to put young players in and if they can do a good job, they'll be the ones who play.


Denver Broncos executive VP of football operations John Elway on evaluating college quarterbacks:

I think quarterbacks are getting better and I think that's what makes not only the evaluation process, but I think that the kids that we're getting at that position in the NFL now are so much further ahead of where they were because of the exposure not only in high school, but in college. The exposure that they're getting and when they get here, they're much more game ready.

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