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Schmitt's Saloon Wing Challenge with Owen Schmitt


When I expressed interest in producing my own Restaurant Road Trip for WBOY-TV, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Not because the actual task of putting together the package would be difficult or very much different from my normal duties covering sports. In fact, with Schmitt's Saloon and Davisson Brothers Music Hall as my destination, I was quite certain there would be enough of a sports connection that I'd feel right at home.

After all, I have been working with food and drinks for the past four seasons with our Tales from the Tailgates and the legendary Owen Schmitt would make this latest endeavor entertaining enough.

No, what I had no idea I was getting myself into was the wing challenge at Schmitt's Saloon.

I heard of it through the grapevine and when I tweeted about it, the responses I got from those who had tried the challenge or witnessed another person try it made it clear that no one thought it was a very good idea.

I was told it was much worse than other similar hot wing challenges in that the wing itself was hotter, but also that the aftermath would be hours of a stomachache that I wouldn't be able to easily shake.

All these people who warned me had done the original wing challenge, which required the challenger to eat one wing, then sit on his or her barstool and not stand up or eat or drink anything for five minutes. To those folks who had done the challenge, it was five minutes of torture.

Yet, for some odd reason, I allowed Owen to talk me into the challenge. Not only that, but he also filled me in on the new rules: the challenger now had to down three wings before starting the five-minute timer.

Owen had never tried the three-wing challenge himself, so he volunteered to do it by my side.

I watched Mike, the head chef, put on a pair of gloves before handling the special sauce as he warned me not to smell the stuff straight out of the bottle.

Owen and I both admitted to being a little nervous before we got started (actually, I admitted to being terrified, but I'm not a football player), but we went through with it anyway.

It's as bad as those who warned me said it'd be. We each finished the challenge, though I certainly understand why part of it is to stay in your seat, because all I wanted to do was jump up and run around until I fell into a vat of milk to cool myself off.

Owen chose to take the more calming approach, blocking out everything and focusing on anything other than the burn on his face and in his mouth, throat and stomach. I basically slapped the bar a bunch of times and tried speaking, though I typically failed.

Both of us were teary, snotty, slobbery messes for the full five minutes.

If you'd for some reason like to see what it looks like when two grown men decide to test their stomachs and their gag reflexes, please, click the video above.

But be warned, it's not pretty.

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