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Clint Trickett Discusses Morgantown Memories, Decision to Return

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Florida State quarterback Clint Trickett has made the decision to transfer to finish his career at West Virginia University. The son of former WVU offensive line coach Rick Trickett, the quarterback has fond memories of Morgantown and the Mountaineers program.

Trickett spoke with Wednesday after announcing his decision via his Twitter account. Here is what he said about his decision, his memories of WVU and his hopes for the future.


On why he chose WVU:

I was just looking for the place that was the best fit for me. I wanted a place where I could come and compete for the starting job this year, but then I also want somewhere that I can win and be successful. I think we have that here. I'm going to try and come in and compete with these two guys. They've got two great quarterbacks right now, I'm just hoping to add to that bunch and show what I can do and then this team will hopefully get some things done and be successful this year.


On what he has to do to compete for the starting job:

There is no guarantee at all. Coach has said that from the beginning. There were guarantees at other schools, but there wasn't here. It was a turn-off that other people would guarantee that. I want to come in and compete. As far as what I've seen from those guys, they've gotten things done. They had a great spring game, both of them did, they're good quarterbacks. I met Ford [Childress], I didn't get to meet Paul [Millard]. Ford was nothing but first class the whole time and I've heard the same about Paul. It's going to be a good working relationship competing with those guys. I'm just excited.


On the excitement to return to Morgantown:

After I found out that it was the best fit for me, then all that stuff came. You're playing at the school where you were throwing the damn ball around on the sidelines before games with Pat White. This is where you grew up, you have friends there, this is where you're from, it's where you've visited three times a year since you've left. This is home, these are your people, this is your state. It's more than I could ever ask for.


On his memories of WVU football in his youth:

I mean, come on, Quincy [Wilson]'s run versus Miami. The infamous run. Pat White's block versus UConn. Pat was a big influence, so was Rasheed [Marshall], in this whole process. I've got nothing but respect for those two guys. They're great players, great quarterbacks. I've always been a quarterback, I've always looked up to them. Out of all the former players who have been talking to me, they say it's crazy to think that the little kid who was playing tackle football in the end zone while they were practicing is now possibly going to be the quarterback at West Virginia. It's cool, but now it's time to get down to business, time to work.


On what jersey number he will wear:

I was No. 9 at Florida State and from what I've heard, it's still available at West Virginia. I would like that, but whatever. I'll wear 74 if I have to.


On how he fits in Dana Holgorsen's offense:

The system speaks for itself. It is successful, it's going to be successful no matter where it is. I feel like I can get the ball out, I feel like I can throw the deep ball, intermediate passes and just seeing right now after losing Geno [Smith], they're missing a leader. Not saying at all that I'm coming in and saying, ‘Hey guys, I'm the leader from day one,' I'm just looking forward to earning that leadership role with my work ethic and hopefully what I can do on the field.


On WVU's receiving corps and offensive line:

They've got some guys. They had this one guy, Squirt [Jordan Thompson], who really had a big game and then they had that big wide receiver [Kevin White] who took that bubble screen all the way in. They've got some guys and I know they have some more coming in with this class. I'm not worried about that at all and I'm definitely not worried about offensive line. That was one of the big selling points to me. Those guys looked pretty impressive and hopefully they'll do the same for me as they've done for other quarterbacks.


On his family's reaction to the decision:

It's exciting. We've talked through this whole process and we all agree that it's the best fit. Just the fact that it is Morgantown just makes it even better. We have family, we have ties up there. Coach [Tony] Gibson was the one who was my main recruiter and my dad worked with him. It's more than I could ask for.

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