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Luck Says No Big 12 Expansion Coming Anytime Soon


The landscape of college sports continues to change. At one time there were considered to be six of the so-called power conferences. That included the Big East and West Virginia University enjoyed some of the benefits of that and the Big East's automatic bid to a BCS Bowl.

The Big East is no longer considered a power conference and WVU is no longer a member of that conference.

The five remaining power conferences are watching each other and trying to figure out the best way to proceed with potentially adding new members to their respective conferences.

The ACC, Big Ten and SEC all appear to think bigger is better and have expanded to a total of 14 members. The Big 12 is sitting at the opposite end of the spectrum.

"We are happy with 10 (teams)," WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck said. "I think it is going to be very interesting as the new playoff comes to see what happens with the five conferences. You have the Big 12 with 10, the Pac-12 with 12, the other three with 14. The question really is, who is better off?"

That is a question that likely will not be able to be answered until the first year of the new format is over. The Big 12 plays every team in its conference. The three conferences with 14 members will not meet every season. 

"I read somewhere that Wisconsin in 2014 or 2015 will not play Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and somebody else," Luck stated. "Whoa, is that fair? The Big Ten is a good conference with some good teams in there, but if you miss all of the big boys because of some scheduling quirk, is that fair?"

Adding teams to a particular conference also waters down the revenue each school receives. The only exception to that is by adding a traditional powerhouse.

WVU joined the Big 12 and accepted a graduated scale towards full revenue sharing. West Virginia is getting 50 percent of the revenue sharing this season. That jumps to 67 percent next year followed by 85 percent in 2015 and finally a full share in 2016.

"Money matters," Luck smiled. "I probably talk about it too much, but it is my job. It matters for what you can do with your facilities, the salaries you can pay coaches and the ability to support the academic efforts of our student-athletes. It does matter and it is a lot more money than we have ever received from a conference." 

All of this extra money will eventually be thrown back into the athletic department and reinvested to likely pay for some upgrades to the facilities.

"There are still some tight years we have financially," Luck stated. "Once we are at 100 percent, we will have the funds to make sure our facilities are as good as anybody's in the country."

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