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WVU Set To Collect First Big 12 Revenue Check


The Big 12 announced that it earned a record $198 million in revenue. That money gets divided amongst the ten members with eight schools collecting a full share of that pie. The two schools that get smaller pieces of it include West Virginia University and Texas Christian University.

WVU and TCU each receive $11 million in their first year in the league. That is equal to a 50 percent share. The other eight members each receive $22 million.

Those numbers do not include any additional revenue a school receives from its tier three rights. It appears WVU should be able to collect roughly an additional $10 million from its tier three rights, which are currently once again in the bidding process.

West Virginia's 50 percent share this year is still more than it would have made had it remained in the Big East. WVU will collect a 67 percent share next year followed by an 85 percent share the following year. West Virginia will collect its first full share in the 2015-2016 academic year. 

As WVU begins to collect more and more money, fans should start to see some improvements to athletic facilities.

"There is still some tight years we have financially," WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck stated. "But once we are a 100 percent member I think we will have the funds to really make sure our facilities are truly as good as anybody's in the country."

The $198 million revenue for the Big 12 illustrates one of the bigger reasons why its members are hesitant to pull the trigger on any further expansion. Right now that pie is divided amongst 10 institutions. Adding more schools could grow the overall size of the pie, but decrease each school's share of it.

The SEC is widely considered the best conference in college football right now. It will distribute $289 million among its 14 members. That equals just less than $21 million per school, less than the $22 million each Big 12 school is collecting this year.

A $2.6 billion, 13-year television contract with ESPN and FOX will kick in next season for the Big 12. That will grow the revenue figure per school even more.

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