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Quick Hits: WVU Takes to Grass Field


West Virginia's football practice took us up to the team's grass field for the 30 minutes in which the media was able to view the action. As it's the fourth practice of camp, we got to see the same helmet combination from the Mountaineers, which means we may never see those pearly whites on the field. But the last Quick Hits featured too much focus on the gear the players had on, so let's move on to another subject in today's news and notes.

-       Speaking of every third day, we again saw Clint Trickett taking all of the quarterback reps on one end of the field while Paul Millard and Ford Childress split duties on the opposite end. It is likely that the only reason this has happened both times we've gotten to watch drills is because the other two candidates were taking the solo snaps on the days when practice was closed.

In that competition, there still doesn't seem to be any one quarterback who is standing out. It may be different in a team situation, but against air, none of the arms in the rotation were overly impressive. Each of the quarterbacks were struggling to hit their target when rolling out and throwing on the run as they failed to keep a tight spiral on their passes. Some coaches in the Big 12 have said with the wind in many of the cities throughout the conference, one of the most important traits a quarterback can have is the ability to keep a tight spiral on their ball.

Tossing some fades later in practice, all of the quarterbacks hit their targets, but Childress seemed to throw his more on a line and needed to get more air under the passes. Millard looked good to start out the session before he began leaving some of his balls short. Even though none of the passes were severely underthrown, each QB needs to work on throwing their receivers toward the sideline and away from the defender. Far too many of the fades would have been jump balls if there had been a player in blue lined up covering the receiver.

-       One of those receivers catching passes Monday was Shelton Gibson and the freshman was no longer in the red jersey we saw him sporting on Day 1. Instead, he had thrown on a green, limited contact injury shirt as he finishes up rehab from a hurt knee suffered earlier in the summer. One of the strength coaches got on him for wearing a Baylor jersey (because the Bears wear green, get it?), which shows how far the Mountaineers have come since green would have been associated with Marshall or South Florida.

Those in red no contact jerseys were offensive lineman Adam Pankey, freshman offensive lineman Grant Lingafelter (walking with a boot on his foot), and cornerback Nana Kyeremeh.

-       Tony Gibson worked his safeties under the large black net meant to force players to bend their knees, get low and be ready to make a move at a moment's notice. The safeties would backpedal under the net before coming out of their break to make a play. A few reporters pointed out the sheer size of freshman safety Malik Greaves (listed at 6-2, 205 pounds) and the fact that Ricky Rumph had been taking some reps with the safeties, which would be new for the cornerback based on all we've heard about him at his 2012 position.

-       For the second time under our watch, Josh Lambert made each of his field goals to start out practice.

-       The defense again ran a drill in which they practice getting on the field, getting to the ball and getting off the field with a real sense of urgency. It's a conditioning drill and a quick chance drill, one that will come in handy with the offenses that WVU will face this fall. Conference coaches have made a big deal about the fact that sending and receiving signals is tough in the Big 12 and this is a way to get the Mountaineers ready for that pace.

-       Dana Holgorsen said in his press conference Monday morning that the Mountaineers would welcome Big 12 officials to campus during the day to go over specifics of what the league is keeping an eye on this year and a big topic to discuss is the emphasis on targeting. With the possible penalty of ejection looming, Holgorsen wants to be sure that his players understand what they can and cannot do, despite the fact that it still seems like the rule is open to interpretation at this point. 

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