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WVU Whooped, Embarrassed in Shutout


It was billed as the only remaining rivalry on West Virginia's football schedule that had any real history. It was the 50th meeting between two programs separated by just a few hours of interstate, a milestone game.

Mountaineers everywhere will rather forget it ever transpired at all, Maryland's 37-0 demolition that took place in Baltimore Saturday.

It was the first time a West Virginia team has been shutout since falling to Virginia Tech in the 2001 season and the worst shutout loss since Penn State in 1975. Talk about a rivalry. A 37-point victory can go a long way in erasing the pains of seven-straight losses on the Terrapins' side of this equation.

On offense and special teams, the Mountaineers committed six turnovers. Truly, that statistic could have led off this story and the reader could have been done and gone back to enjoying his or her Sunday, knowing for certain a team that gave the ball away six times had no shot at victory.

Despite the ineptitude of the offense, compared to a relatively solid performance on defense, none of the defensive players who met the media would point fingers at the other side of the ball.

"We lost on all three sides of the ball today – offense, defense and special teams," said senior defensive lineman Shaq Rowell.

In fact, that was Rowell's answer to each of the first three questions he faced, and nearly a fourth before he apologized for giving the same answer. That's when he let his true feelings about the matter be known. 

"We beat this team seven times in a row and they came out today ready to play and they whooped our ass. Period, point blank," he said. "We didn't even put a point on the board. It's a disgrace to West Virginia, 1.8 million people. That will never happen again as long as I'm here."

For WVU, though, the result on the field was not just indicative of a down year or a rebuilding process. It was a sign that something is rotten in the state of Denmark and four games in is far too long to not have found a way to at least mask the smell.

"It's 100 percent on me," head coach Dana Holgorsen said after the loss. "Offensively, we're as inept as we can possibly be in college football. I accept the responsibility for that."

The offense was so inept that it wasn't made available to reporters following its 175-yard performance in which Ford Childress threw for just 62 yards and two interceptions and completed just one pass to a wide receiver the entire game. The rushing wasn't much better with just 113 yards on 25 carries, Maryland's offense holding the ball for over 16 minutes more than WVU's.

"We've just got to keep working, get better every week. This is week four, we've got eight more games left, all of them in the Big 12," said Rowell. "Maryland was well prepared this week. They talked trash to the media and backed it up today. Coach Randy [Edsall] had those guys ready to play and I can't give them enough compliments. They just came out and beat our butt on all three sides of the ball today."

Rowell has shown in the past two years that he has an affinity for the state he represents when he calls himself a West Virginia Mountaineer. He takes it quite seriously when the coaching staff introduces the term "T.E.A.M." and the last letter stands for "Mountaineer Mentality."

Knowing what he represents, Rowell was downright embarrassed by the performance he saw Saturday.

"Very embarrassing. Border state, Maryland, they're going to be talking (expletive) for [a year]," Rowell said, apologizing for his language, though he needn't have done so.

"They've got 365 days until they play us again," he continued. "They deserved it. They beat the hell out of us today. 37-0? They haven't beat us in a decade. I'm embarrassed. I'm being real with you, I'm embarrassed today. All three sides of the ball, we got our ass kicked. That's not going to happen, I guarantee that. Never again. Not as long as I'm here."

Game four was a rival game against a team currently unranked. Game five is a conference game against the No. 11 Oklahoma State Cowboys.

It is a chance to right the ship, but with so many holes, this one is sinking fast.  

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