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An Eye Opener for the WVU Defense

Ryan Petrovich, MORGANTOWN -

The Mountaineers defense came off a brilliant performance against the eleventh ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys last week. WVU pulled off the upset and a lot of credit went to the defense.

The West Virginia defense looked to build off their success from last week but anything that was built up was quickly torn down when the team suffered a 73-42 loss to Baylor.

 The Mountaineers defense has seen a lot of praise this season with an offense that has a lot of questions surrounding it; the defense seemed to be the backbone of the team. However, the defense was knocked down a peg at the hands of the Baylor Bears.

The speedy offense of Baylor torched the Mountaineers defense all game long. To put things into perspective, it only took 41 seconds into the game for Baylor to find the end zone. After the initial touchdown the Bears never let up on the accelerator.

"We couldn't stop their tempo, "said nose tackle, Shaq Rowell. "We got flat out beat."

Flat out beat is a good way to sum things up. The Mountaineers couldn't keep up with Bear's fast-paced offense regardless of whatever scheme or coverage was put into play.

"They string you from sideline to sideline," said defensive coordinator Keith Patterson. "They physically beat us."

Baylor amassed a total of 872 yards of total offense against the Mountaineers. The Mountaineer's defense looked like the defense of last year and that's not something the Mountaineer want to hear.

Baylor's dominance is a real eye opener for the Mountaineers. The Mountaineer's defense prior to this game were really establishing themselves as a great defensive unit in the Big 12. Although Baylor is a force to be reckoned with and should win the Big 12 with ease, the Mountaineers can't shrug this loss off by just accepting the fact they lost to a really good team.

The Mountaineers need to fix all of their mistakes and really evaluate what went wrong. Pinpointing their errors against this high paced offense is crucial moving forward.

"We have a lot of flaws right now, we need to correct them, "said Isaiah Bruce. "[This loss] just makes us realize exactly where we're at right now; we're not where we want to be."

No defense can be where they want to be after giving up video game like numbers in a big-time loss. The Mountaineers will need to improve when it comes to facing fast teams like Baylor. In this day and age college football continues to get faster. In the Big 12 this is especially true, with teams like Oklahoma State and Baylor the high tempo offenses will be present year after year.

When a team struggles, a lot of the blame is directed towards the coaches. Former Mountaineer great, Pat White is calling out head Coach Dana Holgorsen on his leadership ability. Defensive coordinator Keith Patterson also put blame on himself for this pitiful defensive performance.

"Obviously, I didn't have them prepared," Coach Patterson said after the game.

Despite taking the blame, Darwin Cook refuses to believe that it's on the coaches.

"I know Coach Patterson's going to take a lot of the credit for this, but it's not on him, "said Cook. "We were well prepared on defense. The reality, we just came out here and laid an egg."

The Mountaineers head into a bye this week. This will allow the team much needed time to evaluate where they stand. A 3-3 overall record and a 1-2 record in the Big 12 the Mountaineers season has taken a negative turn.

The Mountaineers will look to rebound after bye week when they meet Texas Tech at home for another Big 12 match-up.

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