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WVU Coaches and Players Share What They're Thankful For


As you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast and some football today, take some time to read what some of West Virginia's coaches and student-athletes say they have to be thankful for this year.


Bob Huggins, WVU Men's Basketball Coach: I'm thankful for obviously my family. I have a great family, great parents, wonderful kids and a sweetheart for a wife. I think family's really important and I'm blessed to be back here in West Virginia, to be back at my alma mater. I think people who go to school here develop an incredible love for the university and certainly the Morgantown community and I'm very thankful to be home.

Charles Sims, WVU Football Running Back: I'm just thankful to be here with these guys and preparing for the last game, senior day. It's the last time you're going to be out there with them, so I'm just thankful to be here with these guys.

Dana Holgorsen, WVU Football Coach: Talked about the seniors, always got to be thankful for them and I'm thankful for the Big 12.

Asya Bussie, WVU Women's Basketball Center: I just got a surprise. I'm thankful that my brother came here from New Orleans. He surprised me, so that was my Thanksgiving surprise.

Doug Rigg, WVU Football Linebacker: I'm really thankful to for the opportunity to play one more game in front of these fans and my family – my mom, my dad are going to be down and it could possibly be the last time they see me play. It's a big deal that I get to step on this field with these seniors one last time and lay it all out with them.

Eron Harris, WVU Men's Basketball Guard: I'm thankful that my family back home is healthy. I check up on them all the time since I'm not there. I'm thankful that I'm healthy, my teammates are healthy and they're getting healthy if they're not. That's all I pray for is health.

JaJuan Seider, WVU Football Running Backs Coach: I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be back at my school. I say my school because this is where it started for me and that means a lot to me, being back here to where you played at, where you were a student at. I'm thankful for having the opportunity to be around these guys, to coach these guys.

Shaq Rowell, WVU Football Defensive Lineman: I'm thankful for the opportunity to play and to be a Mountaineer this year with the great group of guys that we have on this team. I wouldn't trade this for anything. Just being around these guys, I learned how to be a great team player and be a good man in life. These guys have really brought the best out of me this year.

Mike Carey, WVU Women's Basketball Coach: It's great, in my opinion, for my whole career to be in the state of West Virginia coaching. I'm thankful, we've got a lot of great young ladies over here that make great grades. Even though I get mad at them, they're good people.

Jonathan Kimble, WVU Mountaineer: I'm grateful for all of the fans that show up every single game to cheer on the Mountaineers and I'm pretty grateful for deer season next week. I've got to make some more deer jerky for the last home football game.

Quincy Wilson, WVU Assistant Director of Football Operations: Second season here at West Virginia, I'm learning something different every day. I'm just thankful to be in a place where I can call home, and this is home.

Juwan Staten, WVU Men's Basketball Guard: I'm thankful for a lot. I'm just thankful to be alive. I thank God every day that I'm alive and that my family is alive and well, as well as my teammates. I'm just thankful to be alive and to be able to play this game 

Keith Patterson, WVU Football Defensive Coordinator: I'm thankful that my brother, he's a marine, that he's safe. He's in a foreign country right now, but I just consider myself very blessed.

Pat Eger, WVU Football Offensive Lineman: I'm thankful for, most of all, my family. They've always been there and supported me and right there after that has got to be my teammates. There's a great group of guys down there in that locker room that would do anything for us and we'd do anything for them, so I'm just really thankful for them and my family.

Paul Millard, WVU Football Quarterback: A lot of things. I'm thankful for my family, I'm thankful for Mountaineer football. I'm thankful for a lot of things.

Tyler Anderson, WVU Football Linebacker: I'm just thankful for everybody who gave me the opportunity to be here and I'm thankful for my parents for putting me in the right positions and my friends and family.

Wendell Smallwood, WVU Football Running Back: I'm thankful to be a Mountaineer. 

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