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Kevin Jones Looking to Prove Himself in NBA Summer League

MORGANTOWN - It is about time someone really noticed Kevin Jones.

Two full seasons removed from his days as a double-double machine with West Virginia University, Jones continues to be a double-double machine when he steps on the court as a professional.

The former Mountaineer has spent time with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers as well as their D-League affiliate, the Canton Charge, before playing most recently in the Philippines.

Midway through the Charge’s season, in which Jones averaged 16.9 points and 8.0 rebounds per game, he accepted an offer to join the San Miguel Beerman team overseas, his first extended action outside of the United States.

“It was kind of tough, the adjustment, because I’ve been overseas before, but I’ve never played basketball for a long period of time overseas,” Jones said. “Throughout my time being there, I adjusted to the culture and everything and the people love basketball over there. Basketball fans are crazy, so I felt like it was a good environment for me to show my talents and I think I did pretty well.”

In a nine-game regular season, San Miguel Beerman went 7-2 with Jones averaging 28 points and 16 rebounds during the stretch. It was only a two-month stint, but it was an experience that Jones hopes can bolster his resume, as he looks for a permanent home stateside.

The Charge still have Jones’ rights in the D-League for the next two seasons, but his sights are set higher than that. His agent is working to get him a spot in upcoming NBA Summer League action, both in Orlando and in Las Vegas, for a chance to showcase his skills in front of the elite decision makers.

Each of the past two summers, Jones has dealt with injuries that have kept him from competing in the Summer League, so the opportunity to make a splash with NBA eyes on him is one he is looking forward to. After so much success in the D-League and overseas, he feels like it is about time he took his game back to the highest level of the sport.

“You do it for so long that you feel like somebody should notice,” Jones said. “They will. I’m not worried about that. I just have to keep on working and sooner or later, the right people will see that I have talent and see that they feel they need me on their team, so I’m just waiting on that day.”

He isn’t simply sitting back until that day comes, either. Jones returned to Morgantown in April and after taking some time to rest his body, he got right back into WVU’s practice facility to work. The access Bob Huggins and the rest of the Mountaineers staff have offered him will work to his benefit as he and his older brother set up workouts throughout the week.

Jones knows that he still has contacts and former coaches from the Cavs who have witnessed his ability and his work ethic and could put in a good word for him if he needed it, but he would rather let his game do the talking in Orlando and Vegas.  

“I never really relied on anybody, but I do have some people that I became friends with when I was at that level and people who would vouch for me,” he said. “At the end of the day, I just have to keep on working hard and keep on doing what I’ve been doing and hopefully the right people will notice my talent.”

In the meantime, he continues to push himself on the nearest court, likely putting up a double-double each time out.  

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