Big 12 announces expanded rights agreement with ESPN

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For the forseeable future, ESPN will be fans’ one-stop shop for hundreds of Big 12 sporting events.

Both the Big 12 Conference and ESPN announced the expansion of their already-existing rights agreement, which runs through the 2024-2025 season. Among other things, this expansion will include the exclusive rights to ABC or ESPN for the Big 12 Football Championship through 2024.

However, the agreement doesn’t stop at football. Hundreds of Big 12 events will be exclusive on ESPN+, the network’s subscription streaming service.

“We appreciate the continued collaboration with our friends at the Big 12 Conference and their commitment to innovation,” said Burke Magnus, ESPN’s executive vice president of programming and scheduling. “This enhancement to our rights agreement reflects an ongoing desire to give Big 12 fans access to their favorite teams and hundreds of more contests, while embracing the power of technology and the expanded nature of sports consumption with ESPN+.”

Eight of the conference’s schools will produce and deliver games for ESPN+, starting with Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma State this year.

In 2020-2021, West Virginia will be added to the list, along with TCU, Texas Tech and Iowa State.

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