Canada, WVU alumnae fall to Sweden in Round of 16

WVU Women's Soccer
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For the first time in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, WVU alumnae Kadeisha Buchanan and Ashley Lawrence, as well as the rest of the Canada squad, faced elmination in the Round of 16.


Sweden came out of halftime and overcame their lopsided stat line to strike first. After a defensive stop, the Swedes push the ball back on an aggressive counter-attack, with Stina Blackstenius putting the ball in the ball in the net for the 55th minute score.

Canada would get a chance just 11 minutes later when the official awarded a penalty after a review. Janine Beckie took the shot for the Canadians, but the attempt would be saved by Hedvig Lindahl.

By this point, Sweden had taken control of the match, nearly scoring on more attempts through the rest of regulation. Canada would get the ball into the box several more times, but would continue to struggle to put it on goal.

Sweden held on until the final whistle, making it through the physical battle to advance to the next round. With the loss, Canada has been eliminated from the tournament.

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