The Bob Huggins Show, Ep. 15

Bob Huggins Show

It’s the season finale of The Bob Huggins Show, and we’re looking back at some of the best memories from the 2019-2020 Mountaineer ball club. Hosts Nick Farrell, Anjelica Trinone, Tony Caridi bring you their top moments from the season and their analysis of this Mountaineer team. 

Nick and Anjelica welcome you into the program with their ‘Eer to ‘Eer segment to discuss the cancellation of the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. They also discuss the season finale win over then ranked No. 4 Baylor and the cancellation of spring sports for WVU, and Timmy Eads’ final “Let’s Go” chant during the contest against Baylor. Timmy will also provide information on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, provided by West Virginia University:

Anjelica recaps the 21-10 Mountaineer basketball season. Nick and Anjelica discuss their favorite moments from this season, sponsored by Astorg Auto of Charleston:

Tony Caridi joins Anjelica in the studio to give his takes on the Mountaineers. Tony talks about the reaction of the team and coaching of the cancellation of the Big 12 Tournament, improvements that need to be made in the off season and who he thought was the team MVP over the season. See more of Tony’s Takes, sponsored by Encova Insurance:

Warren Baker joins Nick for the final Court-Side With Bake for the season to grade this Mountaineer team on their overall performance. Bake discusses his reaction to the news of the cancellation of the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. Bake also gives his top moments for the Mountaineer team, from the win over Baylor to the legendary three point shot from Spencer Macke. Bake will also assign homework for the off season for the Mountaineers:

Chase Harler looks back on some of his best moments of his college career in this Life of a Mountaineer, presented by WVU Athletics. Chase discusses what it’s like to play for West Virginia University and how being from West Virginia means to him:

Jermaine Haley may share a name with his father, but he’s proved he has made a name for himself during his time at West Virginia University. In this Life of a Mountaineer, Haley talks about his life and moving around as a kid, and the bond he shares with his dad over sports:

Cameron, WV native Logan Routt reflects on his time as a Mountaineer from the time he stepped foot in the gym for his first day of practice. In this Life of a Mountaineer, Routt talks about how dedicating time in the weigh room pays off in minutes on the court:

Nick and Anjelica wrap up the show to discuss the 10th anniversary of the WVU Final Four run. Nick brings you the Central Van and Storage Road Ahead schedule to look ahead of the WVU Coaches Show airing next week: 

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