WVU Coaches Show, Ep. 8

WVU Coaches Show

This week on the WVU Coaches Show we’re talking a look at the financial ramifications of COVID-19 and looking back at the 2008 Fiesta Bowl with some notable former Mountaineers. Hosts Nick Farrell and Anjelica Trinone discuss Shane Lyons’s plan to rebuild the budget shortfall.

In this week’s ‘Eer to ‘Eer Nick and Anjelica will discuss the news from WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons regarding the budget shortfall due to COVID-19 and the furloughs set to take place. Lyons himself, Neal Brown, Bob Huggins, Mike Carey and Randy Mazey will take a 10% salary cut. Nick and Anjelica will also preview the upcoming replay of the historic 2008 Fiesta Bowl on Nexstar stations across West Virginia on Saturday May 16th and May 23rd:

Nick will breakdown the financial ramifications of COVID-19 in the athletic department, and the plans set in place by Lyons to restore the budget:

No one can forget the historic Mountaineer victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in 2008 Fiesta Bowl. Some former Mountaineer teammates discussed their time suiting up for the old gold and blue and told stories prior to taking the field to after the game. Hear from Reed Williams, Owen Schmitt and Pat McAfee on their experiences leading up to the re-air of the 2008 Fiesta Bowl on Nexstar Stations across West Virginia:

Nick will wrap up the show with the final word and information on how you can tune in to the replay of the 2008 Fiesta Bowl and the airtimes in your market:

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