LIVE BLOG: No. 4 Best Virginia faces top-seed Overseas Elite

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Photo: Garrett Yurisko

The race for $2 million is underway for Best Virginia, and they face one of the fiercest squads in The Basketball Tournament: the four-time defending champions Overseas Elite. While the game will be streamed live on ESPN3, but we will be providing updates right here on so you don’t miss a moment.

Best Virginia’s starters: Truck Bryant, Jaysean Paige, Da’Sean Butler, Kevin Jones, Devin Williams.

Overseas Elite’s starters: Jeremy Pargo, DJ Kennedy, Justin Burrell, DeAndre Kane, Jamarr Sanders.


The tip-off rolls out of bounds, but it is awarded to Best Virginia. The game is underway in Richmond.

8:33: Da’Sean Butler starts the scoring fast with a quick two-point jumper. It’s answered by Justin Burrell, who dunks it on the other end.

7:15: Despite Best Virginia’s quick first strike, Overseas Elite swiftly takes the lead with a 9-0 run. Elite are taking advantage of BV turnovers and getting out on the fast break.

5:08: Devin Williams gets his squad back in the thick of it with 5 straight points for Best Virginia, including a wide open three pointer.

3:51: Nate Adrian, John Flowers and Teyvon Myers have checked in. Adrian is able to take control after a game of hot potato and score a floater from the lane. Overseas Elite’s lead is now just 14-11.

1:35: Kevin Jones’s alley-oop makes it three consecutive buckets made for Best Virginia, tying the contest up at 17.

END 1Q: Myers is unable to make a three-pointer at the buzzer, meaning Elite end the first quarter on a 5-0 run. Score is 22-17 at the end of the first.


Elite start off the second with the ball, but Devin Williams is able to get a quick steal.

7:42: Elite’s Jeremy Pargo makes the opening lay-up of the second quarter, but Best Virginia sparks a 6-0 run to cut the deficit to 1 point.

6:36: After an Elite 5-point run, Williams gets a offensive rebound and tries to put it back but he’s fouled. He knocks down both shots, but Best Virginia trails 27-29.

4:35: Overseas Elite breaks an over two-minute scoring drought for both teams, extending their lead to 31-27.

4:30: Best Virginia are now in the bonus after Elite earn their fifth personal foul. Elijah Macon heads to the line and sinks both.

4:06: Devin Williams is at the stripe after an Elite foul, but only makes the first. 31-30 in favor of the Elite.

3:56: Official timeout.

3:34: Teyvon Myers takes the lead for Best Virginia with a pull-up jumper, scooting ahead to 33-31.

2:40: This game resembles a teeter-totter as Pargo pulls up from NBA range to reclaim the lead for the Elite, 34-33.

1:19: Jarrod West takes Best Virginia’s first timeout after the Elite take the lead back with an 11-0 run that has lasted so far just over a minute.

END HALF: The Elite take the lead into halftime after punctuating the second quarter with a 13-1 run. Their lead sits at 44-34.

Jeremy Pargo leads all scorers with 13 points, shooting at a 71 percent clip. Jones leads Best Virginia with 8 points, at a 50 percent rate.

The team stats, though are much more telling, particularly both squads’ field goal percentages and points from turnovers. While the Elite have given up 8 turnovers to Best Virginia’s 6, they have been able to capitalize on those turnovers with 12 points created from them. Best Virginia, however, has only been able to must 5 from their takeaways.


The second half has begun, and Best Virginia is starting with the ball.

7:46: Jaysean Paige gets it rolling in the second half with a three-pointer, cutting the deficit to 7.

6:00: BEST VIRGINIA IS CLAWING BACK: Kevin Jones’s fast break lay-in adds to a 10-2 lead for the Mountaineer alumni, and they are now again within a possession.

5:54: Elite’s Justin Burrell fouls Paige but he vehemently disagrees with the call, earning himself a technical in the process. Paige steps to the stripe and ties it up.

5:12: Elite make a lay-up on the other end to take the lead back, but Paige is again fouled while taking the ball up the court. This puts Best Virginia in the bonus, giving two shots to Paige for the opportunity to tie.

Overseas Elite foul trouble: Dominque Archie (4), DeAndre Kane (3)

Best Virginia foul trouble: Jaysean Paige (3), Truck Bryant (3)

A player fouls out when they commit six personal fouls.

3:16: Overseas Elite are able to build a lead back for themselves, but Best Virginia are still within striking distance just trailing 55-49.

1:23: West calls a timeout for Best Virginia after Bobby Brown drains a pull-up 3. Elite lead 60-51.

0:16: Best Virginia sends Jamarr Sanders to the line after putting Overseas Elite in the bonus. After Sanders sinks both, Elite lead 65-54.

END 3Q: Teyvon Myers gets a good look as the clock winds down, but it doesn’t fall. Overseas Elite will take their 65-54 lead into the fourth quarter.


8:01: Kevin Jones gets Best Virginia started from the charity stripe, sinking his first two free throws. Elite still lead 65-56.

7:36: PRESS VIRGINIA! The Mountaineers put the press on and force a turnover on the inbound, creating a lay-up opportunity for Jones. 65-58 for the Elite.

5:43: Overseas Elite lead 71-61. Best Virginia is creating opportunities for themselves, but simply can’t get it to fall. From the field they are shooting just 35 percent, with a meager 20 percent from downtown.

4:29: The score sits at 72-63 in favor of the Overseas Elite. The Elam ending target score will be set at the first stoppage of play under four minutes, and will be the leading team’s total plus 8 points.

3:49: At an official timeout, the target score is set at 80. Overseas Elite leads 72-63. The game clock is shut off.

Da’Sean Butler commits the fifth personal foul of the quarter for Best Virginia, but DeAndre Kane is only able to make the first.

Paige gets the ball in the corner at the other end and drains the three. (74-66)

Pargo gets an and-one for the Elite, converting the free throw. (76-66)

FINAL: Overseas Elite 80, Best Virginia 68

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