Patterson: “TCU is ready to go”

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Gary Patterson had a short commute to this year’s Big 12 Media Days (around 17 minutes, he said, which allowed him to have a staff meeting before the activities), but it’s a drive he hopes to repeat in December for the conference championship.

Between now and then, however, he and his team have some things to hash out.

“I think when you go through what we had to do, being 3-5 and then being able to win four out of five at the end of the season, it wasn’t pretty.”

2018 definitely was a down year for the Horned Frogs, finishing the year at 7-6 (4-5 Big 12) and capping it off with a Cheez-It Bowl victory over Cal. Patterson attributes much of this to his players’ inexperience, which he says won’t be as much of a problem in the coming season.

“We’ve gotta grow up defensively,” said Patterson. “So coming into camp…that will be our goal.”

He also says that his players have worked hard enough that they have scaled back their running among other things, with the purpose of keeping players healthy.

As of now, Patterson says that all six quarterbacks on the team’s roster have a shot at starting this fall.

“I’d handicap [the quarterback competition] like my golf game. I wouldn’t handicap my golf game,” said Patterson.

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