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Its bye week for the Mountaineers, leading up to the next week as the Mountaineers are back home to take on the Texas Longhorns for the homecoming game. Hosts Nick Farrell, Anjelica Trinone, Tony Caridi and Dale “Wolfman” Wolfley bring you all things Mountaineer football during the bye week:

In the first of two part Coaches Corner segment, sponsored by Encova Insurance; Tony and Coach Brown talk about the victory in the first game in conference play against Kansas, Jordan Jefferson making four colligate starts as a freshman at the age of 17, and special teams impact on the team. All this and more in the first of two Coaches Corner segment, sponsored by Encova Insurance:  

Nick and Anjelica give their take on the Kansas game in this week’s ‘Eer to ‘Eer. Wolfman will also join the program to talk about his Play of the Week from the Kansas game, sponsored by Jaqueline’s Fine Jewelry:

Anjelica gives a recap of the victory over Kansas. Nick and Anjelica will also give their keys to the bye week, sponsored by Astorg Auto of Charleston.

This week in the Wolf’s Den, Wolfman gives his breakdown of the game against Kansas:

Co-offensive coordinator, Matt Moore joins the program to discuss the improvements made in the offense in the first four weeks:

Nick gives a look at other Big 12 Conference matchup in week five in this week’s Around the Big 12:

Nick and Anjelica give you their final word sponsored by Lester Raines Honda, and Nick will also be looking ahead of the Mountaineer’s schedule in the in the Central Van & Storage Moving Ahead Schedule:

In the second part of the Coaches Corner, Coach Brown discusses the recruiting process for the class of 2020 and 2121, and what the Mountaineers need to improve on before facing the Longhorns. All this and more in the second part of the Coaches Corner segment, sponsored by Encova Insurance.

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