Cancellation of Big 12 competition impacts WVU Mascot


Postseason basketball, elementary school visits, and a few baseball games in-between. That is how Timmy Eads saw his final month as the Mountaineer Mascot playing out.

On March 7, Eads took the court at the Coliseum to lead the crowd in one final “Let’s Go Mountaineers” chant. He found out less than a week later that was actually his final game day appearance in the buckskins.

The cancellation of Big 12 competition through the end of the academic year meant that Eads’ term as the Mountaineer had to, unfortunately, end a few weeks too soon.

It also meant that the new mascot may also have his year cut short.

Colson Glover was named as the 67th Mountaineer Mascot during the WVU-Baylor game.

The passing of the rifle ceremony was scheduled for April 17, with Glover officially assuming his duties the following day at the Gold-Blue spring scrimmage. Due to suspension of spring football practice through March 29, Glover could have to wait a few more months before making his first official appearance in the buckskins.

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